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cover: Cinema of Death (Limited Edition)

Cinema of Death (Limited Edition)

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 1986-2005


Genre(s): Horror, Avant-Garde, shorts

Countries: Belgium, France, USA

Location in store: Please see staff for assistance

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 83m.

Cinema of Death collects five short films that all concern themselves with the topic. Hollywood Babylon pays respects to director Kenneth Anger, Le Poem utilizes the words of Rimbaud alongside an autopsy, Adoration involves love so strong it involves cannibalism, Dislandia takes a look inside the mind of a schizophrenic, and Pig attempts to figure out the mind of a murderer. (

ADORATION (Olivier Smolders, Belgium/1987) is the true story of a Japanese man’s love crazed obsession for a woman, which ends in cannibalism.

DISLANDIA (Brian M. Viveros, USA/2005), a disturbing observance of Lindsey – a child existing in an indistinguishable time and place, haunted by surrealist visions.

PIG (Nico B, USA/1999), a poetic film in which we see the subconscious of a killer transform into abstract forms and material, all deriving from his suffering and desperation. Featuring Rozz Williams (Christian Death).

HOLLYWOOD BABYLON (Nico B, USA/2000), an homage to Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon, shot at the Museum of Death, Ca.

LE POEM (Bogdan Borkowski, France/1986), an actual autopsy of a human body accompanied by the poem ‘The Drunken Boat’ by Arthur Rimbaud.