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cover: Full Frame Documentary Shorts: Vol 5

Full Frame Documentary Shorts: Vol 5

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release:


Genre(s): Documentary, shorts


Location in store: Checkout Counter > Documentary Binder

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 126m.

An engrossing, eclectic collection of some of the most striking short films from the last several years, Docurama presents Full Frame Documentary Shorts Volume 5. Recognized as the Cannes of documentary film festivals by IDA Magazine, Full Frame ( screens over 100 documentaries each year to sold out venues with an esteemed board that includes Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Demme, Ken Burns, and Barbara Kopple. From the hauntingly beautiful to the wildly entertaining, this latest assortment brings the festival experience home for all to enjoy.

AFLOAT (Erin Hudson) - From the intimate vantage point of a senior community swimming pool, water and time suspend both body and memory. This film travels underwater and above water to create a gentle meditation on growing old, staying young, and living life.

THE ANGELMAKERS (Astrid Bussink) - Winner of the Best Documentary Short at the European Independent Film Festival, this fascinating and brilliantly irreverent film tells the forgotten story of a large group of Hungarian women who killed their husbands with arsenic in 1929.

HIGH PLAINS WINTER (Cindy Stillwell) - Perfectly paced and gracefully crafted, this short film captures the lunar quality of the western winter landscape. Amid the great expanses of sky and snow we find the unusual sport of ski-joring and an unlikely visual comment on the fading cultural isolation of the west.

SEND ME SOMEWHERE SPECIAL (Darren Hercher) - What happens when you point the camera at ordinary people and get a conversation going that would never take place otherwise? Absorbing in its randomness and suspenseful in its daring, this extraordinary personal journey searches for answers to life's persistent questions of love and happiness.

STAND STILL LIVING (Peter Jordan) - Set in a San village in western Botswana, the film follows the lives of two people affected by AIDS and achieves a rare feat: to capture the rhythms of two human beings standing on that precarious yet luminous doorway between life and death.

THE INTIMACY OF STRANGERS (Eva Weber) - A story of life, love, loss and hope--told entirely through the overheard mobile phone conversations of random strangers--this masterfully edited film weaves seemingly unrelated conversations into a cohesive documentary narrative.