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Dumplings (Gaudzi)

Director(s): Fruit Chan

Theatrical Release: 2004

Cast: Miriam Yeung, Bai Ling, Tony Leung Kar-Fai, Zabit Memedov

Genre(s): Horror

Countries: Hong Kong

Location in store: Please see staff for assistance

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 91m.

Served hot, either steamed or simmered in broth, "dumpling" has conquered the hearts of Chinese for more than 1400 years. Upon first bite, its juicy meat and vegetable filling offers a gush of exquisite heat and aroma that lingers on and on. Chinese dumplings are inexpensive and available practically everywhere...unless you're talking about Mei's secret dumpling - with a bizarre pinkish glow permeating through its delicate, hand-made dough wrapping.

Mei's dumplings are not meant for ordinary folks - if you dare to try, be prepared for a price beyond your imagination.

Under Fruit Chan's re-telling of Lillian Lee's well-etched characters, comedy actor Miriam Yeung is inducing frights instead of laughs this time as she explores the darker side of human nature. As the aging, insecure ex-starlet Ching Ching, Miriam is determined to turn back the hands of time - seemingly at any cost - to regain the passion of her typhoon husband. She goes to find former mainland doctor Auntie Mei (Bai Ling) not for surgical reasons - but for her "special" dumplings. The mysteriously carefree Auntie Mei steams, boils, and serves little delicacies for Ching Ching to swallow (and gulp down, once she finds out about the secret ingredients). Although not quite mouth-watering, can these pinkish, crunchy, chewy and juicy "special dumplings" really be the foundation of youth for Ching Ching? Or are they just a mass of fetal tissues?