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Fishing with John (Criterion)

Director(s): John Lurie

Theatrical Release: 1992

Cast: John Lurie, Jim Jarmusch, Tom Waits, Willem Dafoe, Dennis Hopper, Matt Dillon

Genre(s): TV, Comedy, Documentary, Criterion Collection, Dean's List

Countries: USA, Jamaica, Thailand

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Ant Rating
Running Time: 147m.

Musician and independent film personality John Lurie hardly seems like the sort of guy who would host a TV show about fishing. But then again, Fishing With John was hardly a typical nature program; Lurie and guests such as Tom Waits, Dennis Hopper, and Matt Dillon take to the water in search of adventure but usually end up with something else altogether. Discover how to catch fish using cheese and a pistol with Jim Jarmusch, let Tom Waits teach you new ways to store your catch, and build an ice fishing shanty with Willem Dafoe in these surreal, dryly witty outdoor escapades. Fishing With John aired in the U.S. on the Independent Film Channel. Mark Deming (

Episode 1: Montauk with Jim Jarmusch

Episode 2: Jamaica with Tom Waits

Episode 3: Costa Rica with Matt Dillon

Episode 4: Maine with Willem Dafoe

Episode 5: Thailand with Dennis Hopper, Part 1

Episode 6: Thailand with Dennis Hopper, Part 2


Criterion Collection DVD #42 Special Features:

+ Commentary by writer/director/musician John Lurie

+ "Big Heart" music video by John Lurie and the Lounge Lizards