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God of Cookery

Director(s): Stephen Chow

Theatrical Release: 1997

Cast: Stephen Chow, Karen Mok, Ng Man Tat, Nancy Sit

Genre(s): Comedy, Action

Countries: Hong Kong

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Ant Rating
Running Time: 95m.

Fans of the Iron Chef and kung-fu films may enjoy this flamboyant and outrageous comedy starring flamboyant Hong Kong funnyman Stephen Chiau. Shifting tones from surreal to hilarious and often combining both as the film progresses, its schizophrenic sensibilities and irreverent humor lend to its bizarre kung-fu film meets master chef film story line. Though the film parodies many standard elements and characterizations present in Hong Kong films, viewers need not be familiar with these staples to enjoy the film's absurd and razor sharp humor. Chiau plays the character of the overwhelmingly despicable and weasely God of Cookery to the hilt, gaining power-mad pleasure by humiliating and embarrassing any and all whose culinary skills he sees as lesser (or greater for that matter) than his own, until his inevitable fall from grace after a shady business deal. Playing the role of a pathetic has-been with equal zeal, Chiau actually manages to mold the previous monster into a sympathetic has-been, making his efforts to regain his rightful title an amusing and hilarious uphill battle. The final exhilarating culinary face-off — in which he struggles against his former protégé turned backstabbing adversary — must be seen to be believed, becoming a hyper-stylized battle in which egos flare and spatulas fly. — Jason Buchanan (