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Going Places (Les Valseuses)

Director(s): Bertrand Blier

Theatrical Release: 1974

Cast: Gerard Depardieu, Patrick Dewaere, Miou-Miou, Jeanne Moreau

Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Dean's List

Countries: France

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Ant Rating
Running Time: 118m.

Director Bertrand Blier's Les Valseuses features Gerard Depardieu and Patrick Dewaere as a pair of sociopaths wending their way across France. Though Depardieu is the more dominant of the two, both men are equally culpable in their disregard for common decency. They are particularly rough on women, even the like-minded Miou-Miou, whom they both love in their own way. Jeanne Moreau has a brief bit as an ex-convict who sleeps with both Depardieu and Dewaere. As repugnant as his character was, Gerard Depardieu became a major star largely on the strength of his performance in this film. - Hal Erickson (

Member Reviews

it's always lucky to touch something dirty by C20004656 - September 18, 2008
Totally exhilarating. Take Hal Erickson's frowny blurb with a grain of salt; not so much sociopaths as id-driven lunkheads, Gerard Depardieu and Patrick Dewaere are on the perpetual run, slowing down now and then for purse-snatching, panty-sniffing, and occasional burps of decency. It's gleefully filthy, and, if you don't mind your gender politics a little on the caveman side, well . . . sweet. Also with Miou-Miou (the mom in "Science of Sleep") as their shared kitten, Jeanne Moreau as a newly free ex-con having one really good day, and a fresh and freckled Isabelle Huppert. Plus a terrific jazz soundtrack by Stephane Grappelli.
Under Appreciated Post New Wave Gem... by antman - September 17, 2008 a truly under appreciated master of cinema! Forget everything you thought you knew about Gérard Depardieu. Long before Green Card, the prolific actor starred in this breakout role as an alternately repugnant misogynist & disarmingly charming thug. Along with his partner-in-crime, Patrick Dewaere, the two misfits storm through bourgeois French society, taking & discarding as they please. Anarchic, liberating, & incredibly funny.