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Illegal Art

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release:


Genre(s): Avant-Garde, Cult, shorts

Countries: USA

Location in store:

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Running Time: Illegal Art is sponsored by Brooklyn-based Stay Free! magazine, with support from the Online Policy Group, a nonprofit ISP devoted to free speech, and Prelinger Archives.

The films and videos on the Illegal Art DVD-R appropriate intellectual property, whether through the use of found footage, unauthorized music, or shots of copyrighted or trademarked material. (Filmmakers and videographers now have to get permission for just about every concert t-shirt, store sign, or other piece of intellectual property that happens to appear onscreen).

01 Keith Sanborn

"The Artwork in its Age of Its Mechanical Reproducibility"


02 Bryan Boyce

"State of the Union" (video, 2001, 2m)

In this brief video, Bryan Boyce combines unauthorized CNN footage of George W. Bush with clips from The Teletubbies.


03 Michael Colton

"Puppy Love" (digital video, 2002, 1m)

This improvisational short, starring a bull terrier named Punchie, was created in the offices of the Modern Humorist.


04 Michal Levy

"Giant Steps" (Maya software, 2001)


05 Tim Maloney with Negativland

"Gimme the Mermaid" (Quicktime video, 2002, 5m)

Disney animator Tim Maloney created this new short for Negativland using his employer's equipment after hours.


06 Paul Harvey Oswald

"A Natural Thing" (video, 2000, 4m)

Video collage from Paul Harvey Oswald, a collective based in Rockford, Illinois.


07 Brian Spinks, Eugene Mirman and Bill Wasik

"Black Thunder" (video, 2001, 2m)

These parodies of political advertising are composed of found footage.


08 Eric Fensler



09 D. Jean Hester

"Buy Me" (digital Video & Super8, 2002, 4m)

For this surreal meditation on consumer culture, D. Jean Hester recorded images from fast-food and automotive commercials.


10 Eileen Maxson

"Untitled" (2002)


Joe Gibbons

"Barbie's Audition" (Pixelvision, 1995, 12)

Gibbons' darkly comic take on the Hollywood casting couch was rejected by Sundance lawyers.


Todd Haynes

"Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story" (film, 1987, 43m)

With Barbie dolls as the principal actors, Superstar portrays the life of Karen Carpenter and her battle with anorexia. Used without permission.