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Director(s): Radley Metzger

Theatrical Release: 1976

Cast: Mary Mendum, Carl Parker, Marilyn Roberts

Genre(s): Cult, Drama, erotic, Dean's List

Countries: USA

Location in store:

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 89m.

Directed by Radley Metzger. This remastered DVD release of the the definitive S&M art film is un-cut and spectacular; restored directly from the original 35mm camera negatives. A portrait of the complete (willing) submission of a beautiful young woman to a more accomplished older woman. Similar to The Story of O, but far superior. Anne is not a stock character or mere puppet, so her motivations are fascinating. Made right when Metzger was making the jump from softcore to hardcore, and is the most explicit film credited to Metzger, rather than his porn pseudonym Henry Paris. From a recent interview with Radley Metzger:

Somebody imported a picture called Sexual Freedom in Denmark, and it actually showed people fucking. Once I saw that I said, "It's over. Who's going to care about a lot of preamble, love play and foreplay...who will care? There it is." With all the elegance and the nine weeks of shooting and all the light in Yugoslavia, it couldn't really compete with what some guy could do for $20 in his basement as long as it had erections and cum shots. So after "Score" we bought a book–-a very, very daring book that came on the heels of "Story of O" and was called "L'Image". It's about a couple who have a beautiful slave. And it had the Audubon quality; three people were in it. We shot the interiors here and the exteriors in Paris, exactly where they were written in the book. Wherever it took place, we shot it, and we were able to get a beautiful photographic fabric. (