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cover: Okie Noodling

Okie Noodling

Director(s): Bradley Beesley

Theatrical Release: 2001


Genre(s): Documentary, sports, culture

Countries: USA

Location in store: Documentary

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 56m.

Fishing enthusiasts will spend hours debating the virtues of different rods, reels, lures, and types of bait, but there is a small but hardy group of anglers who have figured out a way to get by without any gear at all. This documentary takes a look at the phenomenon of "noodling," in which a fisherman literally takes a deep breath, ducks under the water, and snatches a fish with his bare hands. Needless to say, it's not a method that works for everyone, and a few noodlers have discovered the hard way that what they thought was a fish turned out to be a snapping turtle or a beaver (which fend off sportsmen by biting back), but the sport has attracted a handful of ardent supporters, and director Bradley Beesley features interviews with several of them, as well as offering footage of a number of veteran noodlers in action. Okie Noodling also features an original musical score by the noted alternative rock band the Flaming Lips. (