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cover: Overnight (2003)

Overnight (2003)

Director(s): Mark Brian Smith

Theatrical Release: 2003

Cast: Troy Duffy, Tony Montana, Mark Brian Smith, Willem Dafoe, Mark Wahlberg, Jeff Baxter

Genre(s): Documentary, cinema, biography, Dean's List

Countries: USA

Location in store: Documentary > Cinema-related Docs

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 82m.

The megalomaniacal rise and fall of filmmaker Troy Duffy is chronicled by one-time friends and colleagues in director Mark Smith's documentary. The film takes its title from the "overnight success" that befell Duffy in 1996, when the then-bartender was signed by Miramax president Harvey Weinstein to direct his killers-on-a-mission-from-God script The Boondock Saints. Smith's cameras follow Duffy from pre-production -- when he battled with executives over casting and financing decisions -- on through to the lackluster release of the film. What's more, Duffy expected his relative cinematic success to translate over to his burgeoning rock band as well -- and the tension created by the presupposed deal caused him to alienate just about everyone involved with both projects. -- Michael Hastings (

Member Reviews

Overnight sensation - a cautionary tale by C20005635 - September 18, 2008
This is the story of what happens when someone who has a great deal of faith in himself forgets who helped him along the way and bites the hand that feeds him. Stories of Harvey Weinstein being tough are legendary, but for once, I was inclined to feel what Harvey might have felt when hearing Troy Duffy's story. While I loved "Boondock Saints" and feel that Duffy could have gone further with his career, I see that he didn't just burn his bridges, he blew them up! I have heard rumors of a sequel to BS, can't imagine anyone wanting to give money to Duffy, though.