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cover: Good Life, The (La Buena Vida)

Good Life, The (La Buena Vida)

Director(s): David Trueba

Theatrical Release: 1996

Cast: Fernando Ramallo, Lucia Jimenez, Isabel Otero, Luis Cuenca, Alma Rosa, Vicky Pena

Genre(s): Drama, Comedy, period piece, coming-of-age, teen movie

Countries: Spain, France

Location in store: Spanish Cinema

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 108m.

Circumstances force an unexpected maturity onto 15-year-old Tristan (Fernando Ramallo), an only child who had already been trying quite hard to "grow up" by losing his virginity. He accomplishes this easily enough by arranging for a prostitute to visit his home while his parents are off on a trip. But the life lesson he learns is different from what he'd intended when he learns of his parents' death in an airplane crash. When he moves into his grandparent's home, changes schools and falls in love for the first time, he is no longer able to keep intact his earlier snobberies and childish self-importance. This Spanish-language film is set in the later period of Francisco Franco's rule ('60s and '70s) and features excellent performances by its young cast. -- Clarke Fountain (