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cover: 1/3 (One Third)

1/3 (One Third)

Director(s): Yong-man Kim

Theatrical Release: 2006

Cast: Ivo Velon, Diana Gitelman, Nick Raio, Eric Richardson, Michael J. Burg

Genre(s): Drama, crime

Countries: USA

Location in store: Please see staff for assistance

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 88m.

Director Yongman Kim draws inspiration from Dante's Inferno for this tale of a Buddhist Monk who longs to help his beautiful and troubled neighbor, but whose deliberate attempt to refuse to choose between righteousness of evil results in torturous inner conflict. Chris (Ivo Velon) makes a marginal living by sketching portraits in Washington Square Park, and attempts to maintain an optimistic mindset despite inhabiting a city that has been hopelessly corrupted by greed, poverty, and rebellion. In the center of this swirling cesspool, Chris envisions his teenage neighbor Lotusia (Diana Gitelman) as a symbol of purity. When the discovery of a hole in his wall reveals that the deeply disturbed Lotusia has suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her parents and is prostituting herself in a twisted effort to come to terms with her dire situation, Chris resists the urge to reach out to the young girl and instead meditates on the Chinese symbol "MU" -- which represents emptiness and detachment. When Lotusia accidentally kills an innocent man while attempting to exorcise her inner demons, Chris feels his morals shattered and sets out in pursuit of the frightened girl in hopes of finally providing the comfort that she so deeply desires. Despite Chris' valiant efforts, fate appears to have other, decidedly darker, plans in store for the conflicted monk and the desperate object of his affections. (