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cover: Outer Limits (Original Series): 1st Season - d2/4

Outer Limits (Original Series): 1st Season - d2/4

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 1963-1964

Cast: Martin Landau, Scott Marlowe, Ed Asner, Shirley Knight, Joan Camden, Barbara Luna

Genre(s): TV, Sci-Fi, psychological, supernatural, mystery

Countries: USA

Location in store: Website Terminal > Television Binder

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Running Time:


009 CORPUS EARTHLING (1963; D: Gerd Oswald; 52m) - A pair of seemingly inert black crystalline rocks are actually intelligent extraterrestrial viruses planning the invasion and destruction of the Earth. Dr. Paul Cameron (Robert Culp) can hear their thoughts as they discuss their plans, a result of a metal plate in his head from a war injury that conducts their telepathic waves into his brain. He and his wife, Laurie (Salome Jens), believe that he is hallucinating. The aliens, however, target him for death, and will stop at nothing to kill him. Cameron, caught between feelings of paranoia and the fear that he is going insane, goes away for a rest with his wife, never realizing that they are now being stalked by their friend, Dr. Temple (Barry Atwater), his body and mind taken over by the aliens. (

010 NIGHTMARE (1963; D: John Erman; 52m) - In the tenth volume in a collection culled from the 1963-1965 science fiction anthology television series, a group of international strike-force soldiers is captured by an alien culture. (

011 IT CRAWLED OUT OF THE WOODWORK (1963; D: Gerd Oswald; 52m) - Something is very wrong at the NORCO energy research laboratory -- the center has secretly discovered a deadly being that resembles an electrical storm in roughly humanoid form, and the scientists there seem to be engaged in a task that contravenes the known laws of physics. Into this situation walks Dr. Stuart Peters (Michael Forest), who starts work at NORCO and is dead within a week, thanks to a faulty heart pacemaker -- except that he was 100 percent healthy when he arrived and had never needed a pacemaker. Detective Sergeant Sirolio (Edward Asner) and Peters' grief-stricken younger brother, Jory (Scott Marlowe), both want to know what happened in the week he was unaccounted for at NORCO. The detective discovers that the center's director, Dr. Block (Kent Smith), has been killing his staff members, using the energy creature to frighten them to death and then reanimating them with special pacemakers that he controls, thus rendering them completely loyal to him and his goals. Thwarted by Sirolio's intervention and then shot by his most trusted staff member (Joan Camden), the scientist unleashes the energy creature before dying. (

012 THE BORDERLAND (1963; D: Leslie Stevens; 52m) - In Volume 12 of a collection culled from the 1963-1965 science fiction anthology television series, scientists attempting to contact the spirit of a dead child are sucked into another dimension. (

013 TOURIST ATTRACTION (1964; D: Laslo Benedek, Gerd Oswald; 52m) - In Volume 13 of a collection culled from the 1963-1965 science fiction anthology television series, a prehistoric creature found encased in ice is thawed out to lead an army of cavemen. (

014 THE ZANTI MISFITS (1963; D: Byron Haskin, Leonard Horn; 52m) - The inhabitants of the planet Zanti establish contact with Earth, and prevail upon its inhabitants to accept custody of their criminals, whom they are incapable of executing. The Zantis demand total seclusion for the prison ship, which the humans grant out of fear that they will use their superior weaponry to destroy them. General Hart (Robert F. Simon) is put in charge of securing the Zanti ship a peaceful, unmolested landing in a desolate section of the California desert; he has also granted permission for one civilian observer, a historian (Michael Tolan), to witness this first contact with an alien race. The security of the Zanti ship is violated, however, when a wanted criminal (Bruce Dern) and his girlfriend (Olive Deering) break into the sealed area. This leads to the death of the man and an attack on the woman, and a breakout by the alien criminals. The insect-shaped occupants of the hive-like spaceship attack the military outpost monitoring their landing, leading to an all-out bloodbath between the aliens and the human defenders. (

015 THE MICE (1964; D: Alan Crosland, Jr., Gerd Oswald; 52m) - When contact is established between Earth and the planet Chroma, located ten light years away, an exchange is proposed between inhabitants of the two worlds. This is to be done by matter-transmitter, using technology provided by the Chromoites -- as it is a dangerous experiment, the first Earth subject, Chino Rivera (Henry Silva), is chosen from the ranks of convicts serving life sentences. As it turns out, both Rivera, who is twice as smart and three times more clever than the project director, Dr. Kellander (Michael Higgins), and the Chromoite visitor, a walking, human-sized crustacean, immensely strong, with nasty claw-like appendages and various openings that gulp, suck, and grind, are up to something other than what they're supposed to be doing, possibly involving murder. Rivera is injured in an escape attempt before he can be transmitted and, while recovering, attempts another breakout, only to find himself accused of killing one of the scientists on the project. Only one of his captors, Dr. Julia Harrison (Diana Sands), believes that he is innocent, and suspects that something far more sinister than even murder is taking place. (

016 CONTROLLED EXPERIMENT (1964; D: Leslie Stevens; 52m) - In Volume 16 of a collection culled from the 1963-1965 science fiction anthology television series, the human phenomena of "murder" is investigated by a pair of curious Martians. (