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cover: Outer Limits (Original Series): 1st Season - d3/4

Outer Limits (Original Series): 1st Season - d3/4

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 1963-1964

Cast: Sally Kellerman, John Hoyt, Martin Landau, Barry Atwater, Neil Hamilton, Robert Culp

Genre(s): TV, Sci-Fi, psychological, supernatural, mystery

Countries: USA

Location in store: Website Terminal > Television Binder

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Ant Rating
Running Time:


017 DON'T OPEN TILL DOOMSDAY (1963; D: Gerd Oswald; 52m) - On the night of his wedding in 1929, Harvey Kry (David Frankham) is surprised by an anonymous gift, a box with a single hole containing a lens, through which a strange light emanates. He looks into it and sees a monstrous creature inside that holds him in the gaze of its single eye -- and then somehow transports the screaming man inside. Thirty-four years later, the Kry house is in decay, occupied solely by Harvey's bride Mary (Miriam Hopkins), still awaiting his return from wherever he went on their wedding night. Mrs. Kry, now aging and grotesque in her 1920's sequined dress and thick make-up, allows a young eloping couple, Gard (Buck Taylor) and Vivia (Melinda Plowman), to use the still-waiting bridal suite for their wedding night. The box is still in there amid the other unused, wrapped gifts; Vivia is lured to it, and she has disappeared when Gard returns with their luggage. Thinking that he has been abandoned, Gard departs, much to Mrs. Kry's distress -- meanwhile, Vivia's father, an influential attorney (John Hoyt), arrives to reclaim his underage daughter. He is drawn inside the box, and there discovers his daughter, Harvey Kry -- still as young as he was in 1929, having spent the past three decades in the timeless void within the box -- and the creature. It explains that it and its companion beings materialized in our universe long ago, and were to gather together and merge their different vibrations to destroy the Earth and then the universe; but, being unused to moving through time and space, it lost its way. The creature asked for help finding its way to its companions -- who cannot act in their mission of destruction without its fundamental frequency -- from Harvey Kry, in return for his freedom from the box for the time remaining before the destruction, only to be turned down. His bride, being more greedy and desperate, and hoping to get Harvey back for their never-consumated marriage, would have provided the help, but Harvey prevented this by swearing to stop loving her if she did it. Now she has lured Vivia and Gard there, hoping that either of them might provide assist the alien in return for their freedom. But Gard left, and Vivia has refused, and in the end even Vivia's father won't provide the help the alien needs. Gard and Vivia escape, and Mrs. Kry, out of patience after 34 years, begins pounding mercilessly on the box. The alien, realizing that it will get no help from these humans and never fulfill its function, decides to uncreate itself, destroying the box, the house, and everyone inside them. (

018 ZZZZZ (1964; D: John Brahm; 52m) - In Volume 18 of a collection culled from the 1963-1965 science fiction anthology television series, an entomologist hires a new lab assistant, never guessing that she is actually the agent of an alien culture of bee-like creatures. (

019 THE INVISIBLES (1964; D: John Brahm, Gerd Oswald; 52m) - Luis Spain (Don Gordon), Genaro Planetta (Tony Mordente), and Henry Castle (Chris Warfield) are three seeming social misfits who are recruited into the ranks of the Invisibles, a subversive underground organization run by an alien race. The Invisibles, small creatures with hard shell-covered bodies and sharp claws, have the ability to invade and merge with any human being, taking over control of their minds and bodies; they have already done this with several high-ranking politicians and other prominent personalities, and are planning on doing it with more, with help from Spain, Planetta, and recruits like them. Spain turns out to be an agent of the GIA (Government Intelligence Agency), sent to infiltrate the ranks of the Invisibles' followers. Cut off from his agency by the murder of his partner (William O. Douglas, Jr.), he is sent on his first mission, the takeover of a top defense department advisor (Neil Hamilton), only to learn that the Invisibles have suspected him from the beginning, and that he is the target, their goal to get one of their own into the ranks of the GIA. Seriously injured and desperately seeking help, Spain turns to his fellow recruit Planetta, with whom he developed a tenuous bond during their indoctrination. (

020 THE BELLERO SHIELD (1963; D: John Brahm, Gerd Oswald; 52m) - Richard Bellero (Martin Landau) is a brilliant but frustrated scientist, forever failing to find approval from his wealthy, pacifist-oriented father Richard Sr. (Neil Hamilton), even when he develops a practical high-energy laser. Much to the displeasure of his ambitious wife Judith (Sally Kellerman), he has been told by his father that he is being passed over for chairmanship of the family-founded corporation. By accident, however, Richard's laser device draws in an alien being (John Hoyt) who, among other attributes, possesses an invisible force-shield. Judith sees this shield as something that would earn her husband the respect of his father and the world, and the chairmanship of his father's corporation, if he could claim it as his discovery. With help from her servant Mrs. Dame (Chita Rivera), she shoots the alien and takes the control device, a button attached by a vein to the being's body, and activates the shield for her father-in-law; the shield is, indeed, impenetrable, but Judith finds she is unable to deactivate it. With her air running out, it becomes apparent that nothing, including her husband's laser, can get her free. Her father-in-law finds the alien's body, but is killed by Mrs. Dame, an act that stirs the alien -- who is barely alive -- just long enough to rescue Judith. Now freed, she starts to move across the room but is blocked by a barrier that only she sees -- she has gone insane. (

021 THE CHILDREN OF SPIDER COUNTY (1964; D: Leonard Horn, Gerd Oswald; 52m) - In Volume 21 of a collection culled from the 1963-1965 science fiction anthology television series, the alien patriarch of a family searches for clues to the disappearance of his Earth-born children. (

022 SPECIMEN: UNKNOWN (1964; D: Byron Haskin, Gerd Oswald; 52m) - In Volume 22 of a collection culled from the 1963-1965 science fiction anthology television series, the crew of a spacecraft bound for Earth must kill a lethal plant attached to the ship before they reach their destination. (

023 SECOND CHANCE (1964; D: Gerd Oswald, Paul Stanley; 52m) - In Volume 23 of a collection culled from the 1963-1965 science fiction anthology television series, a collection of humans is kidnapped by an alien to help prevent an asteroid from striking his home world. (

024 MOONSTONE (1963; D: Laslo Benedek, Robert Florey; 52m) - In Volume 24 of a collection culled from the 1963-1965 science fiction anthology television series, the researchers on a military base on the Moon find a living organism. (