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cover: Toga Party (5d-10 movie set)

Toga Party (5d-10 movie set)

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 1973-1997

Cast: Dennis Quaid, Priscilla Barnes, Suzie Atkins, Don Johnson, Tippi Hedren, Bruno Kirby

Genre(s): Comedy, sex comedy, sexploitation, Drama, melodrama, teen movie, erotic

Countries: USA

Location in store: Please see staff for assistance

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time:

BIKINI MED SCHOOL (1997, D: Michael Paul Girard, 94m) - So, how do Med School students relieve themselves of the stress of an arduous medical education? They party! Watch as the bikini-clad med school students entertain through the night, and the students of Bikini Med School partake in the wildest and sexiest of extracurricular activities.

BIKINI HOUSE CALLS (1994, 85m) - Bikini House Calls could be called a soap opera but it's a bit dirty and the music is Rock and Roll! These bikini girls are entertaining all night long and take part in some of the sexiest of late night activities. Come and join the party as they study anatomy and play doctor!

ILLEGAL AFFAIRS (1993, D: Michael Paul Girard, 90m) - And you thought that your divorce was messy! At the law firm of Grimes and Peterson, adultery has never been so much fun. So, don't object to their behavior, just join in as these wacky lawyers sustain a level of indecency that you'll be laughing at all the way to the Supreme Court.

BRIEF AFFAIRS (1993, D: Michael Paul Girard, 90m) - Pay attention as these attorneys experience the trials and tribulations of love- American style. Be the jury and watch as the firm gets a rise out of their clients and makes a farce out of the legal system. They may have breached a contract, but don't convince them until you've listened to all of the evidence and viewed all of their infidelities, because they just might be having Illegal Affairs!

SENIORS (1978, D: Rodney Amateau, 87m) - When faced with graduation, four seniors plot to prolong their college experience for fear of steady employment, but they're also loathe to leave behind their accommodating housemate Sylvia (played with mute, topless allure by a pre-Three's Company Priscilla Barnes), who functions as a live-in maid and concubine ("Where else are we going to find a nympho who loves to cook and clean house?"). In between sumptuous meals and bouts in the sack, the boys pester their parents to pay for post-graduate studies, without success. Luckily, a Poindexter science major named Arnold is desperate to lose his virginity to Sylvia, so the guys trade her sexual favors for his complicity in an elaborate scam. He's the only trusted assistant of reclusive genius Professor Heigner (Alan Reed, the voice of Fred Flintstone), a three-time Nobel Prize winner studying the mating habits of mosquitoes. Foundations are eager to fund the professor's work with generous grants, and since Heigner signs anything Arnold hands him without question, the seniors draft their own letter of request for cash and claim to be studying the sexual habits of college-age girls. It works, and with a 50,000-dollar-grant they offer coeds a 20-dollar honorarium to participate in the study by engaging in any kind of sex they like with our four heroes as the only male volunteers. Eventually, exhaustion and avarice lead them to expand the study and allow local businessmen to take part for a 50-dollar fee, which leads to huge profits. Only the intervention of "the establishment" will show the seniors the folly of their ways, when they enter into partnership with a feminine hygiene corporation and find themselves targeted for murder. The female head of the foundation that funds the seniors' project mistakenly believes that Professor Heigner is some sort of sexual dynamo and pursues him endlessly, leading the misanthropic scientist to chase her away by firing a rifle at her, spraying her with sticky white fire extinguisher foam, and setting a blaze beneath her while she frantically climbs up a chimney. Endless lines of co-eds wait breathlessly for the chance to copulate with strangers for a double sawbuck (it's all in the name of science, after all, and why not earn money for something they'd be "giving away" otherwise?). (

GETTING WASTED (1980, D: Paul Frizler, 98m) - When the drug craze of the '60s invades the straight-laced world of a military academy, a group of young cadets turn the school upside down. (

SECRETS OF SWEET SIXTEEN (1974, 84m) - Secrets of Sweet Sixteen is the sort of fare that used to go directly to drive-ins (remember those?). The story, what there is of it, concerns soft-core hijinks in high school. Since legalities must be observed, the girls in the cast are older than they pretend to be. Some of them look like 16 going on 35. Suzie Atkins heads the cast in this wish dream for middle-aged males. (

THE HARRAD EXPERIMENT (1973, D: Ted Post, 96m) - In The Harrad Experiment, young men and women attend Harrad College for what is essentially a one-year "control group" trial in pre-marital sex, to be overseen by Prof. Philip Tenhausen (James Whitmore) and his wife, Margaret (Tippi Hedren). Although initially paired off for the first month, they will be free to change partners once a month if they so desire. The film focuses on two couples, the somewhat shy Sheila (Laurie Walters), who is paired with the rich and swaggering Stanley (Don Johnson), and alluring Beth (Victoria Thompson), whose roomie is the awkward Harry (Bruno Kirby). The two couples don't get off to a good start, as Stanley is disappointed in his partner and Harry intimidated by his. There's a great deal of tension as the partners consider whether they have been paired off appropriately, and the jealousy and discomfort they feel comes to the surface in an improvisational exercise overseen by Philip. Whether this is all a result of mismatched pairs or more a result of Stanley's inability to "feel" is the subject of some debate, and leads to a number of confrontations and scenes (not to mention nude yoga classes and discussions of group marriage). Stanley also attempts to interest Margaret in having sex with him, but when she suggests that they do so freely and openly on the lawn, he can't go through with it. Stanley decides he wants to leave Harrad, but at the last minute changes his mind and joins Sheila, Beth and Harry for a group hug. Based upon Robert Rimmer's best-seller, Harrad was followed by a sequel, The Harrad Summer. (

TOGA PARTY (1979, 82m) - A rowdy frat follows in the tradition of the Greek-oriented theme of college parties where there's plenty of beer and playful students clad in scant sheet-wrap. (

INCOMING FRESHMEN (1979; D: Eric Lewald, Glenn Morgan; 84m) -