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cover: Encyclopedia Destructica Vol. IV

Encyclopedia Destructica Vol. IV

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 2007

Cast: Ashley Brickman, Lauren Adams

Genre(s): Avant-Garde, shorts, Pittsburgh

Countries: USA

Location in store:

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 225m.

"Snake Trap" - Thad Kellstadt

"Psychotic Song" - Mike Bonello

"Ledger of St. Dermain" - tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE's characteristically warped narrative

"Slideshow" - Mo Madono cannily captures the essence of a performance-art piece

"You're Gonna Get Slapped" - Jesse Hulcher

"The Memex Was Never Built" - Ross Nugent

"Sixties Teen Dance Party" - Gordon Nelson's deceptively simple reworking of an old home movie that, with a new soundtrack, becomes by turns sexy, comic, foreboding and borderline demonic

"Hwang Sa" - Olivia Ciummo

"Kaleidoscope" - Anna Hawkins' subtle exploration of reflected light

"Bathrobe Druid Relearns the Lost Art of Sanctifying Sites" - Ryan Murray

"Big Dick Pussy" - Keith Tassick's inside-out voyeurism

"A Silence Lure'd Me Home" - Marc Roman Czornij

"Ouch" - Josh Atlas

"Time Series Over a Random Field" - Drew Pavelchak & Adam Grossi

"Paint N' Scratch" - Rebbyro's colorful abstract

"Time Loops" - Josh Tonies' pleasing motion study

"Falling Down Film" - Jim Mueller's aesthetic tour de force

"Transcience" - Michelle Lee's brief and lovely animation

"Gross Functions" - Adam Grossi's probing look at doctor-patient dysfunction

"Peggy Love 101" - Suzie Silver's camp extravaganza

"How to Wash Clothes" - Erin Pischke

"Jawswipe" - Jesse McLean

"Essay 33" - Melissa Ragona's cryptic, intellectual and strangely compelling short built around instructional napkin-folding videos

"Three" - Lauren Goshinski's disturbingly gorgeous, and somehow provocative, study of PBS television promo and sponsor graphics

"Color Therapy" - Sam Boese

"Sports and Diversion" - Bum Lee's captivating series of black-and-white animations set to piano pieces by Satie

"Momentum Trilogy" - Chris Smalley

"Groundhog" - Emmett Frisbee's battily satiric piss-take on regional Americana with sui generis performer D.J. Huber

"The Builders" - Ben Hernstrom

"The Emerald Tablet" - Chris Coleman

"Acknowledgements" - Matt Wellins' 17-minute assembly of home-movie-style footage

"Crossroads" - Jessica Fenlon's evocative study of a single night-time street corner

"Pleromadromadhatu" trailer - freaky glimpse of John Allen Gibel's work, full of necro-cinephiliac themes

"MirroredTowns and Mayhem Sounds" - Justin Crimone

"Blackroom" - Jane LeBlond's meditative-cum-menacing portrait of an unpeopled lab space

"A Mano" - T. Foley's rhythmic survey of hand-painted signage in a Mexican town

"Bathhouse" - Dreaming Ant's own Ashley Brickman

"Image" - John Brodsky & Alberto Almarza