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Severance (2006)

Director(s): Christopher Smith

Theatrical Release: 2006

Cast: Danny Dyer, Laura Harris, Tim McInnerny, Toby Stephens, Claudie Blakley, Andy Nyman

Genre(s): Horror, Comedy, Action, Thriller, business, Dean's List

Countries: United Kingdom, Germany (East/West)

Location in store: Please see staff for assistance

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 96m.

When the president of a high-profile international-arms supplier takes his six best employees to an Eastern European mountain retreat as a means of rewarding them for all of their hard work, their team-building getaway turns into a life-or-death game of kill or be killed in Creep director Christopher Smith's suspenseful comedy thriller. Palisade Defense isn't just the leading supplier of weaponry for the war on terror, it's a company that truly cares about its employees. When the Palisade Defense's European sales division exceeds expectations, the president decides that his dedicated employees deserve a relaxing, corporate team-building retreat. The trip takes a turn for the worst, however, when a deadly enemy infiltrates the retreat with the singular goal of ensuring that no one gets out alive. (


Special Edition DVD Bonus Features:

! Audio commentary by Christopher Smith, James Moran, John Frankish, Danny Dyer, Tim McInnerny, Babou Ceesay, and Andy Nyman

! Deleted scenes & Outtakes

! The Making Of SEVERANCE featurette

! Being Danny Dyer featurette

! Not So Special Effects featurette

! The Genesis of Severance & Behind-the-Scenes featurettes

! Danny Fight Scene featurette

! Palisade corporate video

! Alternate ending storyboards