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cover: Bloody Brothers (San daai siu bat leung)

Bloody Brothers (San daai siu bat leung)

Director(s): To Hoi-sang

Theatrical Release: 1994

Cast: Kent Cheng, Dicky Cheung, Yvonne Yung Hung, Dick Wei, Ka-Kui Ho

Genre(s): Thriller, Action, crime

Countries: China

Location in store: Please see staff for assistance

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 92m.

Hong Kong filmmaker To Hoi-sang directed this low-budget gangster film set in 1920s Shanghai, where ambitious Shiu Chi-hung (Dicky Cheung) seeks to make a name for himself. First he tries to work his way into a triad organization headed by Tu Wu, and manages to make a little money but can't get a permanent position in the gang. It matters little, as Tu Wu's organization is soon decimated in a bloody drug war by the gang of rival triad leader Chin Chiu-hwa (William Ho). Thanks to his cousin Kang, Shiu then becomes a member of yet a third gang, this one led by Chang Tung-pin (Dick Wei). Shiu advances in the organization quickly, receiving his own house as one of the perquisites of his growing status and power. He also becomes a target, as Chin's chief assassin tries to kill him, only to pay with his life. Shiu eliminates Chin himself next, consolidating his power and worrying Chang, who has seen his employee become so influential as to become a threat. That leads to a violent face-off between the two men, but Chang isn't the only threat to Shiu's continued survival. Kent Cheng and Yvonne Yung co-star in this fast-paced thriller. (