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cover: Invasion (2005) - d4-6/6 (3d)

Invasion (2005) - d4-6/6 (3d)

Director(s): Shaun Cassidy, various

Theatrical Release: 2005-2006

Cast: William Fichtner, Eddie Cibrian, Kari Matchett, Lisa Sheridan, Alexis Dziena, Tyler Labine

Genre(s): TV, Sci-Fi, Drama, Horror, Thriller, politics, romance, Family, Dean's List

Countries: USA

Location in store: Website Terminal > Television Binder

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time:


12. Power - After a visit to Mariel, Russell finds that Tom has taken the children on a vacation without asking permission. Someone is hiding outside of MarielÆs house and is discovered by Russell. Larkin is suspicious of RussellÆs intentions towards Mariel. (

13. Redemption - Knowing that Larkin and her unborn childÆs life is on the line, Russell must stop her from reporting what she knows. Sheriff Underlay is injured and drifts between memories of the past and his present situation. (

14. All God's Creatures - Russell, Larkin and Dave find out the identity of one of the creatures. Meanwhile, Underlay tries to find out who shot him and Kira begins to wonder what really happened to her dad. (

15. The Nest - Kira is curious and frustrated as she tries to find the truth out about her father, Mariel and the other residents of Homestead. Kira will find danger in her search. Meanwhile, Russell tests MarielÆs blood and they are shocked at the results. (


16. The Fittest - Russell and Tom team together to try to catch a pregnant Christina and Derek, who are armed and dangerous and on the run. While searching Russell and Tom find a group of migrant workers. Mariel confides in Jesse and Rose about what happened to her. An unconscious Kira is in the hospital after her encounter with the orange being. Larkin searches for more answers about Paxton and his real reason for being in the area during the hurricane. (

17. The Key - Mariel begrudgingly performs an ultrasound when Christina demands to know what is growing so quickly inside of her. After the school reopens, Jesse is bothered by the way some of the fellow students are acting. Russell and Dave investigate what Healy knew about the hybrids. (

18. Re-Evolution - Russell and Dave investigate what's happening on Szura's island in the Keys. Tensions rise at school between the students who were changed by the hurricane and those who weren't. Underlay tries to find out the extent of the military's involvement in post-hurricane changes. (

19. The Son Also Rises - After his investigation of the hybrids, Russell finds that he may be out of a job. Sensing another storm, the hybrids prepare. RoseÆs teacher is teaching a subject that has Russell bothered. Jesse and a school friend find a way to get even with the hybrids. (


20. Run and Gun - Russell and Underlay find that they have to work together as another storm is quickly approaching to get their families out of Homestead and to try to find where Szura has stashed away the hybrids. (

21. Round Up - As the hurricane starts to hit the town of Homestead, Russell and Tom try to stop Szura. The National Guard rounds up Larkin, Mariel and the children. Mariel and Larkin have suspicions on their rescuers. Dave is questioned as to where UnderlayÆs location. (

22. The Last Wave Goodbye - In the middle of the hurricane chaos, Underlay and Russell mount a rescue of the humans who are being round up by the hybrids. Meanwhile, two humans who suspect that Underlay is the cause of the chaos take Larkin, Dave, Jesse and Rose as hostages. (

Executive produced by Shaun Cassidy and Thomas Schlamme, the highly touted ABC sci-fi/fantasy series Invasion began when a devastating hurricane roared into the town of Homestead, FL. Among the survivors of the deluge were stalwart park ranger Russell Varon (Eddie Cibrian), his pregnant TV-reporter wife, Larkin Groves (Lisa Sheridan), and their little daughter, Rose (Ariel Gade), who insisted that she saw "hundreds of white lights" darting through the air at the height of the hurricane. Although Rose's parents were inclined to doubt her incredible story, a number of very strange things occurred in the days following the storm. For one, local sheriff Tom Underlay (William Fichtner) began acting like a man possessed, tyrannically imposing a quarantine on Homestead and totally cutting off contact with the outside world. For another, Tom's wife (and Russell's ex-wife) Dr. Mariel Underlay (Kari Matchett) had undergone some profound behavioral changes -- as had several other people in town. Russell's brother-in-law Dave (Tyler Labine), a conspiracy theorist whom no one had previously taken seriously, suddenly seemed to make a lot of sense when he cast a suspicious eye upon his friends and neighbors (or at least, they looked like his friends and neighbors). But it was up to Rose to sum up the terrifying situation in four little words: "Mommy -- you smell different." Although the title of the series did not include "...of the Body Snatchers," the essence of that classic horror film oozed from every frame of the weekly, 60-minute Invasion, which debuted September 21, 2005.



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