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cover: Nip/Tuck 1st Season - d4-5/5

Nip/Tuck 1st Season - d4-5/5

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 2003

Cast: Dylan Walsh, Julian McMahon, Joely Richardson, Roma Maffia, Kelly Carlson, John Hensley

Genre(s): TV, Drama, medical, business, Dean's List

Countries: USA

Location in store: Please see staff for assistance

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time:


10 ADELLE COFFIN - Sean and Christian are both shaken when they must perform plastic surgery on cadavers as part of their test to continue their medical practice. Elsewhere, Sean is rocked by the news that Megan's cancer is terminal and ponders the moral implications of helping her commit suicide. Julia finds out about the affair, but isn't sure of how to react -- part of her is furious, part of her pities Megan, and she can't help but acknowledge that she nearly had an affair with Jude(Phillip Rhys). (

11 MONTANA/SASSY/JUSTICE - When a woman approaches Sean and Christian about getting plastic surgery on her thick ankles, the doctors think it's an easy client -- that is, until they find out Ms. Caine has multiple personalities who want another, more drastic procedure. Though Grace isn't sure of what to do, Ms. Caine's doctor adamantly insists the surgeries will help integrate the personalities. Elsewhere, Julia steals Christian's hairbrush and takes the sample to a medical clinic where, recalling the affair she had with Christian around the time of Matt's conception, she requests a paternity test. Matt's friend Henry's guilt over Cara Fitzgerald (Alyson Reed) continues to worsen; he decides the only way he can ease his guilty conscience is to date her. Unfortunately for him, Cara asks Matt to go to prom with her, causing Henry to come dangerously close to confessing it all. (

12 ANTONIA RAMOS - When Christian and Sean operate on a beautiful South American immigrant who claimed she wanted her massive breast implants removed, Escobar(Robert La Sardo), a ruthless Columbian drug lord, interrupts the surgery. After revealing he had been using the grotesquely large breast implants to transport liquid heroin into the United States (by tricking poverty-stricken women into believing a modeling contract is waiting for them in America if they went through with the augmentation), he forces Christian and Sean to finish the surgery and hand over the implants at gunpoint. Once the deal is over, Escobar blackmails the doctors into performing the same procedure on more women. Meanwhile, Sophia is kicked out of Julia's fitness center after a particularly judgmental acquaintance of Julia makes a stink about the presence of a transsexual. After finding out that Gina(Jessalyn Gilsig), an ex-lover, is carrying his child, Christian asks her to move in with him so that he can help take care of her throughout the pregnancy. (


13 ESCOBAR GALLARDO - Though Christian is sad to learn that Kimber is engaged to Merril and in the throes of cocaine addiction, he has bigger fish to fry; namely, Escobar (Robert La Sardo), who is still blackmailing the doctors into helping him transport heroin into the United States. Sean is nearly driven to the edge, and sets off to kill Escobar after learning that he had threatened Julia -- once there, however, he agrees to give the drug lord a new face provided that Escobar never contact them again. Meanwhile, Christian is met with a rather unpleasant surprise in the delivery room when Gina gives birth to an African-American baby. Despite his lack of paternity, Christian immediately falls in love with the child and vows to be a good father to him. (


Billed as "a disturbingly perfect drama," Nip/Tuck is set in south Florida, where doctors Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) have built their own medical practice and are enjoying great success as the premier plastic surgeons of the area. Though physical perfection is their business, their private lives are far from flawless. Christian is an unabashed womanizer and uses sex to fill the void left by his abusive father, while Sean continuously tries to live up to the morally righteous standard he has set for himself only to fall repeatedly into personal hypocrisy and guilt. He certainly does so with Julia (Joely Richardson), his wife -- their seemingly ideal marriage is perilously close to crumbling beneath their feet and both constantly look outside of one another for what is missing from their lives. Though Christian catches a lot of flack from the McNamaras for his playboy ways -- which are, to be sure, emotionally abusive -- Sean and Julia are hardly innocent. Sean flirted with the idea of an affair when Dr. Grace Santiago (Valerie Cruz) joined McNamara-Troy and actually realized one with a patient of his; Julia, meanwhile, is harboring the secret of Matt's paternity. Matt, the McNamara's teenaged son, is carrying a burden of his own -- in addition to dealing with the trials and tribulations of adolescence, Matt was involved in a hit-and-run car accident and has been hiding his role in it ever since. Tying everything together is the string of patients filing into McNamara-Troy each day, whose physical imperfections more often than not force Sean and Christian to take a hard look at their internal ugliness. (