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Lovejoy: 1st Season - d1/3

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 1986

Cast: Ian McShane, Dudley Sutton, Chris Jury, Phyllis Logan, Malcolm Tierney, Pavel Douglas

Genre(s): TV, Comedy, crime, mystery, Drama, BBC

Countries: United Kingdom

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Lovejoy is a loveable rogue and an antiques dealer with an amazing talent for spotting hidden treasures. When not looking for the odd collectible, Lovejoy spends most of his time using his con-artist skills to help out the less fortunate. His partners in crime are wealthy Lady Jane, his dim assistant Eric, and the genially intoxicated Tinker.


01 The Firefly Cage (1/10/1986) - We meet Lovejoy and he hires Eric Catchpole, son of the local butcher, as an apprentice. Together they set out (on Eric's motorbike) to unravel the meaning of a Japanese firefly cage. As Lovejoy and Eric are in hot pursuit of a lovely lady, they hit a pool of water in the road while passing a roadside event and give a drenching to Jane (Lady Felsham), who is unveiling a new memorial. Later, Lovejoy rings the door-bell at Felsham Hall, and he and Jane click. She is soon showing him around her attic. (

02 The Axeman Cometh (1/17/1986) - Lovejoy buys an old Welsh dresser at Charlie Gimbert's auction. It has come from the house of an old man who recently died. Hidden inside the dresser, Lovejoy finds a rich Arab head-dress, festooned with gold ducats. Then Catesby, a bruiser who has just got out of jail and is also the son of the dresser's late owner, says his father had promised him the dresser and he wants to buy it back. Lovejoy agrees and lets it go - but without its golden treasure. Catesby is soon looking for Lovejoy armed with an axe. And he is in good company, as one of Her Majesty's Inland Revenue inspectors is also after Lovejoy. (

03 The Sting (1/20/1986) - Lovejoy sets out to help a young woman to trace a pair of valuable Meissen figures which she sold to raise cash for her drug habit. Then he comes across evidence of a double-cross by Charlie Gimbert, and he decides to get even. (

04 Friends, Romans and Enemies (1/31/1986) - A local museum is robbed, and it seems to be connected with the death of a forger. Lovejoy goes on the trail of a hoard of Roman coins in the Isle of Man. Two Americans are also after the coins. (

Member Reviews

better than lorazepam by C20004656 - May 5, 2009
An incredibly soothing show. Sure, Ian McShane breaks the fourth wall once an episode to tell us how thrilling, dark, dangerous, and bloodthirsty the antiques business can be. And we take his word for it, because he's Ian McShane. But otherwise, the show is so unutterably pleasant, rural England such a lush garden, every character so well fed and comfy -- even alcoholism is just a humorous quirk, and poverty is a very relative term -- that watching in a reclining position may induce coma. McShane makes it worth watching even if you don't need it for your nerves. Despite un-leading-man-esque thickening jowls and bags under his eyes, he's charismatic, assured, and very sexy.