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Curb Your Enthusiasm: 6th Season - d1/2

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 2007

Cast: Larry David, Cheryl Hines, Jeff Garlin, Vivica A. Fox, Richard Lewis, Ted Danson

Genre(s): TV, Comedy, HBO, Dean's List

Countries: USA

Location in store:

(2 / 2)
Ant Rating
Running Time:

01. Meet the Blacks (9/9/2007, D: Larry Charles) - The Davids take in a family whose life was destroyed by a hurricane; Larry comes up with a way to avoid going to parties he has no desire to attend. (

02. The Anonymous Donor (9/16/2007, D: Robert B. Weide) - It's moving day for both the Blacks and the Davids; Larry's prized Joe Pepitone jersey is lost at the dry cleaners; Larry's irked at Ted Danson's anonymous donation; Cheryl is grossed out by a semen stain on a guest-room quilt. (

03. The Ida Funkhouser Roadside Memorial (9/23/2007, D: David Mandel) - Marty Funkhouser is outraged when flowers from his mother's memorial are stolen; Larry complains about "sample abusers" in stores; Jeff and Susie find knowing Larry to be a liability when trying to get Sammy into an exclusive private school. (

04. The Lefty Call (9/30/2007, D: Alec Berg) - Larry regrets getting Cha Cha a job in his building when she monitors his bathroom habits, and runs into further problems with her when he has to make phone calls 'lefty'; the Blacks and Larry are fed up with Cheryl's environmentally conscious, but uncomfortable, toilet paper; a waiter objects to a doggie bag actually being prepared for a dog. (

05. The Freak Book (10/7/2007, D: Bryan Gordon) - Larry is obsessed with a book about freaks; a drunk limo driver creates trouble; the Davids, Greenes, Ted Danson, and Mary Steenburgen plan to be buried together. (

06. The Rat Dog (10/14/2007, D: David Steinberg) - A slow toaster makes life tough for Loretta, Leon, and Cheryl; Larry is flummoxed dealing with a deaf woman; the Greenes' exterminator tries to befriend Larry. (