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cover: I Want to Go Home (Je Veux Rentrer a la Maison)

I Want to Go Home (Je Veux Rentrer a la Maison)

Director(s): Alain Resnais

Theatrical Release: 1989

Cast: Adolph Green, Gerard Depardieu, Linda Lavin, Laura Benson, Geraldine Chaplin, Ludivine Sagnier

Genre(s): Comedy, culture, comic book, Drama

Countries: France, Italy

Location in store: French Directors > Alain Resnais

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 101m.

American humorist Jules Feiffer and French director Alain Resnais are oddly paired for this satirical comedy about an American cartoonist in Paris. Adolph Green is a stunner as Joey Wellman, a cantankerous American cartoonist traveling abroad for the first time. In tow is Lena Apthrop (Linda Lavin), and the two are ostensibly journeying to Paris to attend a comic-strip exhibition in which Wellman's work is included. But it turns out the exhibition is just an excuse for Wellman to track down his errant daughter Elsie (Laura Benson), who has left Cleveland to take up literature at the Sorbonne. Her professor, Christian Gauthier (Gerard Depardieu) happens to be a big fan of Wellman, and he corrals the cartoonist and Lena to go to the fashionable country estate of his mother Isabelle (Micheline Presle), who tries to put up with her son's American friends. (


KimStim Collection DVD Special Features:

! Interview with producer Marin Karmitz on the making of the film, and on working with director Alain Resnais

! Original theatrical trailer