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cover: Five Days (HBO) - d2/2

Five Days (HBO) - d2/2

Director(s): Otto Bathurst, Simon Curtis

Theatrical Release: 2007

Cast: Hugh Bonneville, Janet McTeer, Charlie Creed-Miles, David Oyelowo, Edward Woodward, Sarah Smart

Genre(s): TV, Thriller, crime, mystery, Drama, HBO, Dean's List

Countries: United Kingdom

Location in store: British Television

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 120m.

DISC TWO: Episodes 4-5 (Day Thirty-Three & Day Seventy-Nine)

Set over the course of five 24-hour periods, the television miniseries Five Days follows the case of a young mother (Christine Tremarco) who vanishes under mysterious circumstances while driving her children to visit their grandfather (Edward Woodward). When the children set out in search of their missing mother, they too seem to disappear without a trace. As a high-profile police investigation begins to make headlines across the country, it appears that everyone involved with the case, including the woman's grieving husband (David Oyelowo), has something to hide. Soon it begins to appear that even Detective Barclay (Hugh Bonneville) and Sergeant Foster (Janet McTeer), the two authority figures in charge of the investigation, are operating on some secret agenda. As the missing mother's parents (Penelope Wilton and Patrick Malahide) step up the pressure to solve the case before too much time passes, a stranger named Sarah (Sarah Smart) gradually works her way into the investigation while gradually ingraining herself with the frustrated family. (


! DVD Bonus Feature: Behind the Mystery with Writer Gqyneth Hughes