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cover: Battlestar Galactica: 3rd Season - d1-2/6

Battlestar Galactica: 3rd Season - d1-2/6

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 2006

Cast: Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, James Callis, Katee Sackhoff, Grace Park, Tricia Helfer

Genre(s): TV, Sci-Fi, Drama, Adventure, Action

Countries: USA

Location in store: Television

(2 / 2)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 309m.

39 Occupation (10/6/2006, D: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, W: Ronald D. Moore) - Tigh, Tyrol and Anders lead the Resistance on New Caprica to increasingly deadly attacks against the Cylons. Kara finds herself trapped in a new life with Leoben Conoy, and Duck makes a fateful decision. Meanwhile on Galactica, Adama struggles with the question of whether to return to New Caprica to mount a rescue attempt. (

40 Precipice (10/6/2006, D: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, W: Ronald D. Moore) - Adama plans to return to New Caprica and drop off a surprising person to act as a liaison between Galactica and the Resistance. Tigh's insistence on the use of suicide bombers and ever escalating violence stuns even the fellow leaders of the Resistance. Eventually, the suicide bombings cause the Cylon occupiers to crackdown on their human subjects. (

41 Exodus, Part 1 (10/13/2006, D: Felix Enriquez Alcal▀, W: Bradley Thompson, David Weddle) - Sharon helps the Resistance on New Caprica as Adama leads Galactica on a dangerous rescue operation. Tyrol races to save Cally from the execution squad. Meanwhile Anders uncovers treachery among the humans. D'Anna Biers/Number Three meets the Oracle Selloi after having strange dreams about the temple. (

42 Exodus, Part 2 (10/20/2006, D: Felix Enriquez Alcal▀, W: Bradley Thompson, David Weddle) - Tigh must decide the fate of his wife Ellen after the assistance she rendered to the Cylons. Lee struggles with his assignment to protect the civilian fleet on its journey toward Earth while Adama returns to New Caprica with just the Galactica. The Resistance coordinates an attack on the Cylons just as Galactica arrives. As the Cylons begin to lose control, Number Three (D'Anna Biers) vows to put a final end to the New Caprican experiment. (

43 Collaborators (10/27/2006, D: Michael Rymer, W: Mark Verheiden) - Tyrol participates in the Circle, a secret tribunal on Galactica that tries and convicts in absentia those accused of collaborating with the Cylons during the Occupation. The death sentences -- administered without the knowledge of Roslin or Adama -- begin to weigh on Tyrol's conscience.

Baltar faces a similar jury among the Cylons, who must decide whether he is allowed to stay with them. (

44 Torn (11/3/2006, D: Jean de Segonzac, W: Anne Cofell Saunders) - Lingering feelings of rage lead Saul Tigh and Kara Thrace to cause problems aboard Galactica between the survivors from New Caprica and those who stayed with the fleet during the Occupation. Baltar assists the Cylons in an attempt to stay alive. He uncovers details about Cylon civilization. Meanwhile, a Cylon baseship -- sent to investigate the area near a nebula -- falls victim to a mysterious disease. (

45 A Measure of Salvation (11/10/2006, D: Bill Eagles, W: Michael Angeli) - Apollo formulates a plan that threatens the very existence of the Cylon culture. Adama and Roslin must decide whether to follow through on the plan to use a biological weapon against the Cylons. D'Anna Biers (Number Three) believes Baltar knows who created the virus that infected and disabled the Cylon baseship. She is willing to take extreme measures to learn the truth. (