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Quiet City / Dance Party, USA (2d)

Director(s): Aaron Katz

Theatrical Release: 2007 / 200

Cast: Erin Fisher, Cris Lankenau, Sarah Hellman, Joe Swanberg, Anna Kavan, Cole Pensinger

Genre(s): Drama, romance, teen movie, mumblecore, Dean's List

Countries: USA

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QUIET CITY (2007, 78m) - In Aaron Katz's idiosyncratic and unpredictable drama Quiet City, Georgian Jamie travels from her Atlanta home to Brooklyn, to visit her friend Samantha. When Jamie arrives, however, Samantha seems to have disappeared from her residence - her phone is disconnected and she cannot be located. By sheer happenstance, Jamie runs into a stranger, Charlie, when she stops him to ask for directions. The two strike up an instant rapport and spend the rest of the day and night together - eating coleslaw, attending art exhibitions and experiencing Manhattan nightlife. The picture thus becomes an exploration of how relationships can spring from chance meetings between strangers, amid the most unfamiliar of circumstances and environments. (

DANCE PARTY, USA (2006, 65m) - An apathetic seventeen-year old shares a dark secret that causes his aimless new friend to immediately sever ties in director Aaron Katz's talky teen drama. Gus spends most of his time relating self-indulgent tales of sexual conquests and drug fueled frenzies to his best friend Bill. Jessica seems to be drifting away from most of her friends, and lately things have gotten so bad that she isn't even speaking with her one-time best-friend Christie. Every Fourth of July all the kids gather at Brian's house to drink free beer and watch the fireworks. This year, Gus meets Jessica at the party and tries to pick her up. When she blows off his obvious come-on, Gus tells Jessica a secret that he has never revealed to even his closest of friends. (


2-DVD Set Special Features:

! Quiet City Director Commentary with contributions from producers Ben Stambler and Brendan McFadden, and cinematographer Andrew Reed

! Quiet City Cast Commentary with Eric Fisher and Cris Lankenau

! Joe Swanberg's Quiet City - a short-film prank by the director of LOL

! The Music of Quiet City - clips and interviews with composer Keegan Dewitt

! Footage from the NYC Premiere of Quiet City

! Quiet City Trailer

! Dance Party, USA Director Commentary with contributions from producers Brendan McFadden and Marc Ripper

! Dance Party, USA Cast Commentary with Anna Kavan, Cole Pennsinger, Ryan White, Brendan McFadden and director Aaron Katz

! Dance Party, USA Alternative and Extended Scenes, with commentary by Aaron Katz and editor Zach Clark

! The Lunch Hour - an early short film by Aaron Katz with commentary by Katz and star/composer Keegan Dewitt