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cover: Smallville: 1st Season - d3-4/6

Smallville: 1st Season - d3-4/6

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 2001

Cast: Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, Sam Jones III, John Schneider

Genre(s): TV, comic book, Drama, teen movie, Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Countries: USA

Location in store: Website Terminal > Television Binder

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Ant Rating
Running Time:

EP09: ROGUE (D: David Carson) - Clark visits Metropolis in this episode, and does a secret good deed - a police detective named Phelan witnesses his action and begins blackmailing Clark to help protect him from an IA investigation. (

EP10: SHIMMER (D: D.J. Caruso) - An invisible stalker is pursuing Lex and one of the household staff may, or may not, be responsible. (

EP11: HUG (D: Chris Long) - A salesman has a kryptonite-based ability to force anyone he touches to obey his commands. (

EP12: LEECH (D: Greg Beeman) - On a class trip, Clark and a fellow student named Eric are struck by lightning, and because Eric was holding a piece of kryptonite, Clark's powers are transferred into him. (

EP13: KINETIC (D: Robert Singer) - Whitney falls in with some former jocks who have kryptonite tattoos that give them the power to walk through the walls. Meanwhile, Chloe is seriously injured and Lex has his own plans. (

EP14: ZERO (D: Michael Katleman) - A man from Lex's past stalks him in conjunction with a mysterious death at Club Zero that Lex may have been responsible for. Meanwhile Chloe looks into Clark's past as an adopted child. (

EP15: NICODEMUS (D: James Marshall) - A flower that comes from a reopened "Level Three" of the fertilizer plant brings strange reactions from several people, including Jonathan, Lana, and Pete. (

EP16: STRAY (D: Paul Shapiro) - A young runaway, Ryan, has the power to read minds and flees his abusive stepparents. The Kents take him in and Clark soon discovers the boy's powers and that he's immune to them. But Ryan's stepparents have plans to use the boy's powers for financial gain against...Lex. (