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cover: Your Life in 65 (Tu Vida En 65')

Your Life in 65 (Tu Vida En 65')

Director(s): Maria Ripoll

Theatrical Release: 2006

Cast: Javier Pereira, Marc Rodriguez, Oriol Vila, Tamara Arias, Nuria Gago, Irene Montala

Genre(s): Drama, romance, Comedy, Dean's List

Countries: Spain

Location in store: Spanish Cinema

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 100m.

When a trio of lifelong buddies living in Barcelona read an obituary for a man they believe to be an old friend, they soon set out to pay their respects in director Maria Ripoll's quirky tale of mistaken identity. Dani (Javier Periera), Francisco (Marc Rodriguez), and Ignacio (Oriol Vila) are soaking in the sun when Francisco stumbles across a death notice that appears to be for their old friend Alberto. Upon arriving to bid their old friend farewell, Dani bumps into his ex-girlfriend Carmen (Nuria Gago) and falls hard for Alberto's sister Cristina (Tamara Arias). When the trio realizes that the recently deceased Alberto is not the same man they grew up with, the complications that follow leads them to reconsider the role that death plays in everyday life. (