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cover: Hideout in the Sun (2d)

Hideout in the Sun (2d)

Director(s): Doris Wishman

Theatrical Release: 1960

Cast: Earl Bauer, Dolores Carlos, Pat Reilly, Ann Richards

Genre(s): Cult, sexploitation, Drama, crime, Thriller

Countries: USA

Location in store: Cult Cinema

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time:

The clothing-optional lifestyle reforms a criminal in this amusing nudist colony film from prolific exploitation director Doris Wishman. Bank robbing brothers Duke and Steve (Greg Conrad and Earl Bauer) pull a job but car troubles mar their getaway. A young woman in the right convertible at the wrong time provides a solution, so the desperate duo kidnaps the girl and commandeers her wheels. When they learn that their hostage Dorothy (Dolores Carlos) lives and works at a private country club, the brothers devise a plot to hide out in her bungalow while they wait for their boat to Cuba. Since the club is open only to married couples, Duke hides in the trunk while Steve masquerades as Dorothy's newlywed husband, but once past the gate the brothers are shocked to discover that the "exclusive club" is a nudist colony. While Duke hides out with the loot in the cabin, Steve and Dorothy stroll around the grounds in the buff to bolster the bogus marriage story. As the couple spends time together in the sunshine enjoying wholesome activities like volleyball, swimming and archery, love begins to blossom, and soon Steve is questioning his criminal ways. (


Retro-Seduction Cinema 2-DVD Edition Special Features:

! Hideout in the Sun (4x3 full frame version and 16x9 anamorphic version)

! Commentary featuring Doris Wishman biographer Michael J. Bowen

! Interview with producer/director Doris Wishman

! Interview with exploitation filmmaker David Friedman

! Bonus: Postcards From a Nudist Camp (16x9 anamorphic)

! Bonus: Newsreel 1960

! Retro-Seduction Cinema trailer vault