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Wire, The: 5th Season - d4/4

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 2008

Cast: Dominic West, John Doman, Wendell Pierce, Lance Reddick, Deirdre Lovejoy, Sonja Sohn

Genre(s): TV, crime, Drama, HBO

Countries: USA

Location in store: Television

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 90m

10: -30- (3/9/2008; D: Clark Johnson; W: David Simon, David Simon, Ed Burns) - Carcetti maps out a damage-control scenario with the police brass in the wake of a startling revelation from Pearlman and Daniels, their choices are either to clean up the mess, or hide the dirt; McNulty, with his leads predictably drying up, asks Landsman to pull police off the homeless case, until a fresh homicide ramps up the investigation; a frustrated Haynes finds his concerns about Templeton falling on increasingly deaf ears; Levy, convinced he has the upper hand, but caught in a legal quandary, plays a cat-and-mouse game with Pearlman; Bubbles debates whether to greenlight a newspaper story about his life; Dukie seeks out an old mentor for a loan; Marlo oversees a new Co-Op order as he maps out his next move; as the officers stage an Irish wake for another dearly departed officer, the seeds of the future are sown throughout Baltimore. (



! THE WIRE: THE LAST WORD - documentary exploring the role of media

! THE WIRE ODYSSEY - retrospective of the first four seasons

Member Reviews

The Best by RW - October 6, 2008
Way to end the Wire. Everything done better than I could have hoped. Marlow's end-of-arc was my favorite.

Such a great choice, going out on a high note. Undoubtedly will go down as one of the most complete, artistically and dramatically important television shows in American history, a blueprint for how entertainment can be done.