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cover: Sacred Family, The (La Familia Sagrada)

Sacred Family, The (La Familia Sagrada)

Director(s): Sebastian Campos

Theatrical Release: 2005

Cast: Sergio Hernandez, Coca Guazzini, Nestor Cantillana, Patricia Lopez, Macarena Teke, Mauricio Diocares

Genre(s): Drama, Comedy, Family, erotic

Countries: China

Location in store: Latin American Cinema

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 99m.

A dinner guest turns a family's Easter weekend upside down in this sophisticated comedy drama from Chile. It's Good Friday, and college freshman Marco (NTstor Cantillana) is coming home for a visit; his mother (Coca Guazzini) and father (Sergio Hernandez) are especially excited because Marco is bringing along his new girlfriend, Sofia (Patricia Lopez), to meet the family. Also on hand for the celebration are Marco's friends Rita (Macarena Teke), Pedro (Juan Pablo Miranda), and Aldo (Mauricio Diocares). When mother and father meet Sophia, they're pleased to discover she's both attractive and charming, but they're caught off guard by her natural sensuality and habit of asking deeply personal questions to relative strangers. When mother is unexpectedly called away, Sophia turns her attentions to father, and after passing out ecstasy to Marco and his pals, she returns to the house and attempts to seduce father while the other kids are tripping on the beach. When Marco walks in on his father and Sophia, he's enraged and begins plotting to get even with both of them. La Familia Sagrada (aka The Sacred Family) was the first feature film from writer and director Sebastian Campos. (