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Foyle's War (Series 1) Eagle Day

Director(s): Jeremy Silberston

Theatrical Release: 2002

Cast: Michael Kitchen, Honeysuckle Weeks, Anthony Howell, Julian Ovenden, Roger Allam, Michael Simkins

Genre(s): TV, Drama, mystery, crime

Countries: United Kingdom

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(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 100m.

Michael Kitchen stars as the titular detective in this short series of mysteries set amidst the backdrop of England at the dawn of World War II. In Foyle's War: Eagle Day, he and partner Milner (Anthony Howell) struggle to uncover the killer of a young cab driver found stabbed to death in the midst of an air raid, with nothing on his person but a golden locket. But as Foyle tries to trace the memento, complications arise as his pilot son Andrew (Julian Ovenden) arrives in Hastings, transferred by the R.A.F. to help test its radar system, the latest advance in British warfare. Andrew stumbles upon a cover-up of his own at his station, and soon both father and son are embroiled in a mystery larger than they could have ever imagined. (