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cover: Kenny (2006)

Kenny (2006)

Director(s): Clayton Jacobson

Theatrical Release: 2006

Cast: Shane Jacobson, Eve Von Bibra, Ronald Jacobson, Jesse Jacobson, Chris Davis, Ian Dryden

Genre(s): Comedy, culture, romance, Dean's List

Countries: Australia

Location in store: English Language (Foreign) Cinema

(2 / 2)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 93m.

Filmmaker Clayton Jacobson profiles one of the key cogs in society's massive machine with this mockumentary about a fearless Aussie plumber who has never encountered a drain he wasn't able to conquer. A combination of philosopher and comedian, Kenny (Shane Jacobson) has a heart the size of a septic tank. Though Kenny may hold one of the most thankless jobs in modern society, he never lets the dirty work get him down. Now, as Kenny juggles family tensions, leaking porta-johns, and the constant demands of fatherhood while preparing for the upcoming Pump and Cleaner Expo in Nashville, Tennessee, he and his loyal "Splashdown" crew are profiled by a documentary crew that isn't about to let some dirty overalls get in the way of a good story. (


DVD Special Features:

* A behind-the-scenes look at Kenny: The Making of Kenny

! Post-production, Directing in Nashville

! A Load of Deleted Scenes

! Hidden Bonus Scene

! Commentary by Kenny and director Clayton Jacobson

! English subtitles for the Aussie-impaired