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Band of Brothers (2001) d1/6

Director(s): Phil Alden Robinson / Richard Loncraine

Theatrical Release: 2001

Cast: Damian Lewis, Donnie Wahlberg, Ron Livingston, David Schwimmer, Matthew Settle, Jimmy Fallon

Genre(s): Drama, docudrama, biography, Action, war, Dean's List

Countries: USA

Location in store:

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time:

Currahee - The historic HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, based on the non-fiction book by Stephen E. Ambrose, and executive produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, begins with "Currahee," named for the Airborne battle cry. The first episode shows the men of Easy Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne, as they undergo their grueling paratrooper training. The drama begins in England, on the eve of the D-Day invasion, as two lieutenants, Richard Winters (Damian Lewis) and Lewis Nixon (Ron Livingston of Office Space) briefly reminisce about the horrible two years they spent training under Capt. Herbert Sobel (David Schwimmer of Friends), their mean-spirited commanding officer at Camp Toccoa in Georgia. The story then flashes back, showing Sobel ordering his men to run extra miles, repeatedly revoking weekend passes, and generally doing everything he can, it seems, to break their spirit. The troops bond together in their hatred of Sobel and tough it out, becoming the elite company of the regiment. Meanwhile, the straight-laced teetotaler Winters proves to be a resourceful and popular leader. When the troops are shipped to England in preparation for their assault on France, and begin combat exercises in the field, Sobel repeatedly freezes up. He panics and puts his men in harm's way. Things come to a head when, just before the planned invasion of Normandy, Sobel accuses Winters of disobeying a direct order, and the men of Easy Company desperately look for a way to stop Sobel from leading them into battle. (

Day of Days - Richard Loncraine (Richard III) directed the second installment of HBO's acclaimed Band of Brothers mini-series, "Day of Days." The action begins just before D-Day, and finds the men of Easy Company on a harrowing night-jump over Normandy. Their first mission is to take out German artillery so the invasion force can land on the beach the next day. As the C-47 planes are bombarded from the ground, the paratroopers of Easy Company anxiously await the order to jump. After their plane's co-pilot is hit, the pilot quickly gives Lieutenant Winters (Damian Lewis) and his men the green light to jump, but they (and the rest of the surviving paratroopers) are far from their drop zone. Winters lands in the woods, and is quickly joined by John Hall (Andrew Scott), a baby-faced private from Able Company. As they look for more men from their respective units, Winters, despite the fact that he lost his rifle in the jump, is able to keep the nervous young soldier calm. "We're not lost, private," he reassures him, "we're in Normandy." Soon they meet up with some other men, including Guarnere (Frank John Hughes), who is angry over the recent news of his brother's death in Italy, and Malarkey (Scott Grimes), who's obsessed with finding a souvenir Luger for his kid brother back in Oregon. The makeshift platoon, under Winters' direction, successfully ambushes a German supply cart. Eventually, they reach their rendezvous point, where the scattershot remains of several airborne companies have gathered. Here, Malarkey finds a surprising connection with a captured German. Meanwhile, with their commanding officer unaccounted for, Winters takes command of Easy Company, and leads a small team of men on a daring assault of a cluster of German artillery units. (