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Band of Brothers (2001) d2/6

Director(s): Mikael Salomon / David Nutter

Theatrical Release: 2001

Cast: Damian Lewis, Donnie Wahlberg, Ron Livingston, Marc Warren, Matthew Settle, Jimmy Fallon

Genre(s): Drama, docudrama, biography, Action, war, Dean's List

Countries: USA

Location in store:

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time:

Carentan - The third installment of HBO's acclaimed fact-based WWII miniseries, Band of Brothers, is entitled "Carentan," and details Easy Company's involvement with wresting control of the eponymous French town from the Germans. The town is critical strategically, because it is where the forces from Utah Beach and Omaha Beach will link up before moving further inland. The gritty, gore-splattered episode was directed by Mikael Salomon (Hard Rain) and written by E. Max Frye (Something Wild). It begins as a few soldiers from Easy, still lost after the chaotic night jump into Normandy, come across Private Albert Blithe (Marc Warren), standing alone in a field, staring into space. As the soldiers start discussing the skirmishes they've been in, and displaying the grim souvenirs they've obtained, Blithe is nervously evasive. He later hears some soldiers discussing rumors about Lieutenant Speirs (Matthew Settle), who has joined Easy Company. Some have heard that he cold-bloodedly murdered some German POWs (an incident shown in the previous episode). There is also a rumor that Speirs shot one of his own men for drinking. When the troops reach Carentan, they find the Germans waiting. There is a bloody fight for the town, and Blithe panics and collapses. The Germans, outnumbered, begin to retreat. Blithe is examined by a medic, who finds nothing wrong with him, despite his claim that he can't see. Lieutenant Winters (Damian Lewis) has a few compassionate words with him, and Blithe recovers. Winters knows the Germans will try to retake the town, so Easy Company waits in the trenches, to attack the similarly entrenched Germans at first light. That night, one soldier mistakenly bayonets another from the company, and the panicky Blithe, perhaps unwisely, tells Speirs of his inability to fight. (

Replacements - the fourth installment of HBO's docudrama miniseries, Band of Brothers, focuses on the new members of Easy Company who arrive as the unit becomes involved in the ill-fated Operation Market Garden. Some of the old-timers who jumped into Normandy with Easy are more accepting than others. Lieutenant Buck Compton (Neal McDonough) and company impressionist George Luz (Rick Gomez) are friendly enough, but hustle one of the recruits for his cigarettes in a dart game. Roy Cobb (Craig Heaney) loudly objects to one of the new guys wearing a company-wide presidential citation on his uniform, because it was given for the company's involvement in the Normandy invasion, and the replacements weren't there. Cobb, however, was hit in the plane and did not make the jump into Normandy himself. Sergeant Denver "Bull" Randleman (Michael Cudlitz) earns the respect of the new privates under his command with his quiet proficiency. The company parachutes into Holland in a massive drop. Their mission is to liberate some Dutch towns so British tank units can pass through into Germany. They expect little German firepower at first, but get less than that in the town of Eindhoven. Instead, a joyous crowd greets them, including women who throw themselves at the soldiers, and members of the Dutch resistance. "They all speak English; they all love us," notes Private Webster (Eion Bailey), one of the replacements, "What a fantastic country." But the next day, in a nearby town, they meet an unexpectedly strong force of German tank and infantry units, and after taking several casualties, they're forced to retreat. Sergeant Randleman is lost in the chaos and has to spend a harrowing night on his own, hiding from the Germans, while a few soldiers who fight under him contemplate a perilous rescue mission. (