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Europa (2d-aka Zentropa)

Director(s): Lars von Trier

Theatrical Release: 1991

Cast: Jean-Marc Barr, Max von Sydow, Udo Kier, Barbara Sukowa, Eddie Constantine, Erik Mork

Genre(s): Drama, psychological, Criterion Collection

Countries: Denmark, Germany (East/West), France, Sweden

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Ant Rating
Running Time: 107m.

Europa (retitled Zentropa for the American release) is an hallucinatory Danish film set in postwar Germany. Jean-Marc Barr plays a young German who aspires for a job as a street conductor. But this is no mere "Joe Job;" Barr's adventures on the line are designed as a metaphor for the emergence of the "New Europe" following the war. Barbara Sukowa costars as the daughter of a railroad magnate--and possible Nazi sympathizer. Many of the special-effects sequences are computer enhanced, but even the "live" scenes have an unsettling, surreal quality to them (colors changing abruptly, backgrounds shifting without warning, etc.) This experimental film left some viewers confused, which may be why English-language prints of Zentropa are narrated by Max Von Sydow. (


Criterion Collection 2-DVD Set #454 Special Features:

! New, restored high-definition digital transer

! Danish audio commentary with director Lars von Trier and producer Peter Aalbµk Jensen

! The Making of "Europa" (1991) - a documentary following the film from storyboarding to production

! Original Theatrical Trailer

! New and improved English subtitle translation

! Trier's Element (1991) - a documentary featuring an interview with von Trier as swell as footage from Europa's set and its Cannes premiere and press conference

! Anecdotes form "Europa" (2005) - short documentary featuring interviews with film historian Peter Schepelern, actor Jean-Marc Barr, Aalbµk Jensen, assistant director T=mas Gislason, co-worker Niels Vorsel, and prop master Peter Grant

! Interviews from 2005 with cinematographer Henning Bendtsen, composer Joachim Holbek, costume designer Manon Rasmussen, film school teacher Mogens Rukov, Gislason, Aalbµk Jensen, Grant, actor Michael Simpson, production manager Per Arman, and actor Ole Ernst

! 2005 conversation with von Trier in which he discusses the "Europa Trilogy"

! "Europa": The Faecal Location (2005) - short film by Gislason