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cover: Nip/Tuck: 5th Season, pt1 - d5/5

Nip/Tuck: 5th Season, pt1 - d5/5

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 2008

Cast: Dylan Walsh, Julian McMahon, Joely Richardson, John Hensley, Kelly Carlson, Roma Maffia

Genre(s): TV, Drama, medical, business

Countries: USA

Location in store: Please see staff for assistance

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time:


12: Lulu Grandiron - Eden looks to Sean for help in facial surgery after getting into the porn business with Kimber and Ram. Meanwhile, a group of wealthy socialites hire Christian for all of their cosmetic surgery needs. Also, Sean discovers another side to the possessive and murderous Colleen, as well as discovering her teddy bear fetish. (

13: August Walden - When Sean reads an awful review about himself in Entertainment Weekly, he decides to confront the man who wrote it. He discovers that the man August Walden, is actually a hideous and grotesque looking person and decides to help him become less hostile by making him better looking. Christian helps out a woman with a birth defect and when Matt meets her, he becomes very enticed with her. However he later learns that this woman could possibly be his half-sister. Christian cheats on Julia and they break up. Julia also finds out that Eden has been poisoning her food. (

14: Candy Richards - Candy Richards had plastic surgery done in Tialand, but looks horrible so she goes to McNamara/Troy to find help. Christian and Sean find out that Julia has been shot, and the police are saying that it was a suicide attempt. Sean feels that Julia would never kill herself and thinks that Eden had something to do with it. Christian meets an ex-bed mate who is the mother of Emme. Christian learns that Emme is his daughter and tries to stop Matt from dating her, but Matt says he is in love. Colleen is tired of being treated like an old dish rag and decides to take matters into her own hands by hurting Sean. (