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Skins (BBC): Vol. 1 - d1/3

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 2007

Cast: Joseph Dempsie, Mike Bailey, April Pearson, Nicholas Hoult, Hannah Murray, Dev Patel

Genre(s): TV, Drama, Comedy, teen movie, coming-of-age, BBC, Dean's List

Countries: United Kingdom

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01: Tony - Tony is a smart-ass, super-confident 17-year-old, with the good-looking girl on his arm and ability to charm most other females he encounters. He launches a scheme to help his friend Sid lose his virginity before his birthday, whilst making a little profit on the side. However his plan quickly unravels, leaving the friends with a dilemma which requires an urgent solution. (

02: Cassie - If the world wasn't strange enough, this episode perceives the world through the eyes of Cassie. A world in which you receive messages through your food. A world in which the guy you are interested in only has eyes for your best friend, who only has eyes for his best friend. And a world in which the only person you can talk to is your taxi driver. Welcome to the calm in storm of the surreal. (

03: Jal - Time to get to know the girl behind the clarinet. Whereas the rest of her family make their mark by spitting out rhymes to booming base beats, Jal seeks solace from the chaos all around her in the classical tunes flowing over her single reed. Although seemingly trying to keep a controllable distance from the adolescent conundrum that the 21st century teenagers have created around her, it is not long before she is sucked into the whirlwind of her surroundings. But can the resulting destruction create something better? (

04: Chris - Happy-go-lucky party animal Chris wakes up one morning with a hangover and an erection. Nothing unusual there. Until he discovers a grand in cash and a note from his mum saying she's gone away. So, like any not-so-average pill-popping 17 year old, Chris embarks on a bender to end all benders. But what do you do after you've thrown the mother of all parties and blown all the money? Well, you sell everything that isn't nailed down and go again - and just hope that everything else will start to make sense. Sometimes though, life can make a little more sense than you want it to and Chris has to face up to the fact his mum might never be coming home. (

Member Reviews

vol. 1, disc 1 by C20004656 - June 16, 2009
Every once in a while, a teen show comes along that gives you the shock of recognition. "That's ME. That's US."

For me that show was "Square Pegs." But "Skins" will do it for someone. This may not have been my adolescence, but it feels real; the wonderful Mike Bailey especially is so real -- mumbly, inarticulate, helplessly gross -- you can almost smell him. The first episode introduces the characters as a flurry of "types," but following episodes generously expand and flesh them out. The kids may, variously, eat too little, drink/smoke/take pills too much, and/or behave with a borderline sociopathic disregard for other people or consequences, but there's a sunny feeling of assurance that they're going to survive adolescence, because . . . well, generally speaking, you do.