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Skins (BBC): Vol. 1 - d2-3/3

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 2007

Cast: Joseph Dempsie, Mike Bailey, April Pearson, Nicholas Hoult, Hannah Murray, Dev Patel

Genre(s): TV, Drama, Comedy, teen movie, coming-of-age, BBC, Dean's List

Countries: United Kingdom

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Running Time:


05: Sid - Sid is in trouble. Deep trouble. He's failing at everything. His history coursework hasn't made the grade and he's only got a week to deliver something decent or he'll fail the year. And, of course, he's as sexually frustrated as ever and can't get his best friend's girlfriend, Michelle, out of his head. Will Sid ever buckle down and focus on his future, will his dad ever give him a break, and will he ever wake up to Tony's manipulative ways? (

06: Maxxie and Anwar - On the school trip to Russia, Tony tries to seduce Maxxie, but they are seen by Michelle. Meanwhile, Anwar gets a girl but falls out with Maxxie over religion and sexuality. Anwar gets in hot water with the girl's husband. He is saved by Maxxie but their friendship is slow to recover. (

07: Michelle - Furious with Tony after his numerous infidelities, Michelle ends their relationship and begins an affair with the son of Cassie's doctor. Desperate to get back with Michelle, Tony uses explicit photographs of the guy's sister to drive a wedge between the two lovers. (

08: Effy - Things get dark as Tony's silent little sister, Effy, goes missing. Desperate to find Effy, can Tony rely on any of his old friends, or have they all shunned him forever? (


09: Finale: As Cassie moves to Scotland unaware that Sid loves her, Anwar tries to make up with Maxxie. Tony attempts to get back with Michelle as Chris learns that Angie is married. Tony is hit by a bus while Michelle listens over the phone.

Member Reviews

Vol. 1, disc 2-3 by C20004656 - June 16, 2009
Well. . . . It's still good, but something's faltering. "Maxxie and Anwar," the most overall enjoyable episode, also features some flabby acting. Was I enthusing over the realness of this show? Huh. By "Effy," things are getting just plain silly (and one worries, will we start spending less time in the school and more time in the hospital. . . ?), a trend that builds to the finale's climactic "Oh, come ON" deus ex omnibus.