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Choke (2008)

Director(s): Clark Gregg

Theatrical Release: 2008

Cast: Sam Rockwell, Anjelica Huston, Kelly MacDonald, Brad Henke, Clark Gregg, Bijou Phillips

Genre(s): Comedy, sex comedy, psychological, romance

Countries: USA

Location in store: Hollywood > Comedy

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 92m.

Victor Mancini (Sam Rockwell) has got some problems -- when he's not at Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings hunting for women to bed, he masquerades as a choking victim in restaurants as a scheme to gather money from unsuspecting strangers, which he uses to keep his ailing mother (Anjelica Huston) in a high-end extended-care facility for her extreme dementia. But what happens when this messed up Colonial-era theme-park employee finds Mrs. Right in the guise of his mother's doctor -- and how can he give their relationship a try when she tells him he's the next coming of Jesus Christ? Based on Chuck Palahniuk's (Fight Club) pitch-black comedic novel, Choke is adapted and directed by David Mamet alumni Clark Gregg, whose career spans stage, screen, and TV work as well as a screenplay credit for Robert Zemeckis' 2000 thriller What Lies Beneath. (


DVD Special Feautures:

! Audio Commentary with Director/Writer/Actor Clark Gregg and Actor Sam Rockwell

! Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary by Clark Gregg and Sam Rockwell

! Gag Reel

! A Conversation with Clark Gregg and Chuck Palahniuk featurette

! My Name Is Victor, and I'm a Sex Addict featurette

! A Mother's Love featurette

! From the Los Angeles Film Festival featurette

! Fox Movie Channel Presents Casting Session

Member Reviews

Lack Luster by Geek_Warfare - September 22, 2010
The story is a simple one about redemption. Sam Rockwell is a sex addict who by day works in a Renaissance fair by night stages elaborate incidents making people into heroes and himself into the benefactor.

The over all raunchy and bluntly honest narrative of Victor Mancini is still present in the movie and excellently portrayed by Sam Rockwell.

Unfortunately though the movie while it maintains a lot of the plot points and elements of the book, the raunchy inside the mind of a horrible human being element is overshadowed by the love story elements between victor and paige.

Most importantly the ending from the book is missing. There is no karma like retribution for the "choking" incidents that victor stages almost nightly.

Without the symbolic(i apologize i do not want to spoil the ending of the book) destruction and karma like retribution the entire story looses its ultimate meaning. "a horrible human being may become a better person, but ultimately you are going to have to pay for the horrible things you did first"

Without the ending, and with the love story as a dominant focus the movie becomes easily watered down and unfortunately forgettable.