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Night Gallery: 2nd Season - d1-2/5

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 1971

Cast: Rod Serling, Larry Watson, Joanna Pettet, Matt Pelto, John Astin, Geraldine Page

Genre(s): TV, Thriller, psychological, Horror, mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Countries: USA

Location in store:

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time:


01: The Boy who Predicted Earthquakes - A young boy who can accurately foresee future events becomes a TV star. (

02: Miss Lovecraft Sent Me - Sent from an agency for an overnight stay, a babysitter begins to think something is wrong when the father's reflection doesn't appear in a mirror and his unseen son sounds a lot like a wild dog. (

03: The Hand of Borgus Weems - A man's hand is possessed and starts to exact revenge for the death of it's owner. (

04: Phantom of What Opera?

05: A Death in the Family - Petty thief Doran is on the run from the law and hides out at the funeral home run by Mr. Jared Soames, an undertaker who has an unusual method of dealing with the loneliness in his life. (

06: The Merciful - In this brief twist on Edgar Allan Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado", a marital partner is cemented inside a small cubicle as part of a mercy killing. (

07: Class of '99

08 Satisfaction Guaranteed

9: Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay - College professor Craig Lowell and his wife have recently opened their home to her aunt Ada Burn Quigley, but he suspects that she is not the sweet little old lady she appears to be. (

10: With Apologies to Mr. Hyde - Doctor Jeckyl takes his potion with some unusual results. (

11: The Flip Side of Satan - A callous disc jockey finds himself spinning platters at a hellish radio station. (

12: A Fear of Spiders - Arachnophobic gourmet critic Justus Walters has no use for the clingy librarian who lives upstairs, until he discovers a tenacious spider in his kitchen sink and needs help to get rid of it. (

13: Junior - A "black-out" vignette dealing with parents who have to decide which one gets out of bed in the middle of the night to feed their son. (

14: Marmalade Wine - Roger Blacker gets caught in a cloudburst, is welcomed into the home of retired surgeon Dr. Francis Deeking, drinks excessively, and lies about his photographic achievements. (

15: The Academy - A wealthy businessman is having trouble with his son, a delinquent who's constantly in trouble. He hears of a private school that specializes in "problem" children, and pays it a visit to determine if it's the kind of place that will straighten out his son. (


16: The Phantom Farmhouse - Psychiatrist Joel Winter is questioned by the local sheriff when one of his patients is savagely murdered in the forest near the sanitarium where Winter is on staff. (

17: Silent Snow, Secret Snow - Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hasleman are concerned when their young son Paul escapes from reality into a fantasy world full of snowy landscapes. (

18: A Question of Fear - A mercenary is bet $15,000 that he cannot stay one night in a haunted house, a house that turned his companion's hair white in one night. (

19: The Devil Is Not Mocked - The Nazi's plan to bring everyone under their domination throughout the Balkans during the early days of World War II including the master of a dark castle and his entire household. (

20: Midnight Never Ends - A hitch-hiking Marine feels he has met the woman who picks him up before. (

21: Brenda - A girl vacationing on an island comes across a creature that she befriends. (

22: The Diary - A gossip columnist gets a gift of a diary in which the next day's events are described before they happen. (

23: A Matter of Semantics - Dracula visits a blood bank with an unusual request. (

24: Big Surprise - Mr. Hawkins is an elderly hermit feared by the children in the neighborhood. When three boys reluctantly pass his farmhouse on the way home from school, he offers them a big surprise if they visit nearby Miller's Field and do some digging. (

25: Professor Peabody's Last Lecture - During one of his classroom lectures, college professor Peabody makes the mistake of dismissing pagan religious cults as childish superstitions. (

26: House - with Ghost - In England an American with a nagging wife rents a house that comes with a stairwell ghost. (

27: A Midnight Visit to the Neighborhood Blood Bank - A hungry vampire goes in search of a nocturnal nosh in a young woman's bedchamber. (

28: Dr. Stringfellow's Rejuvenator - In the American desert circa 1880, "Doctor" Ernest Stringfellow survives by selling snake oil in the form of a medicinal tonic with dubious healing powers. (

29: Hell's Bells - A hippie dies in an automobile accident and finds himself in hell. He wonders just how bad eternity in hell can be. (