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Night Gallery: 2nd Season - d3-4/5

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 1971-1972

Cast: Rod Serling, Larry Watson, Joanna Pettet, Matt Pelto, John Astin, Geraldine Page

Genre(s): TV, Thriller, psychological, Horror, mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Countries: USA

Location in store:

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time:


30: The Dark Boy - In 19th-century Montana, recently-widowed schoolteacher Judith Timm is visited by the specter of Joel Robb, a fourth grader who died two years earlier. (

31: Keep in Touch - We'll Think of Something - Wealthy young housewife Claire Foster is a dead ringer for the attractive hitchhiker who pistol-whipped musician Erik Sutton and stole his car. But she steadfastly proclaims her innocence to him and to the police. (

32: Pickman's Model - In 1890's Boston, art student Mavis Goldsmith has a desperate crush on her teacher Richard Upton Pickman and tries to learn why he is obsessed with painting rat-like ghouls. One night, she follows him home to learn more. (

33: The Dear Departed - Con artist Mark Bennett and his bumbling accomplice Joe Casey run a successful spiritualist scam, until Mark falls for Joe's wife Angela. (

34: An Act of Chivalry - When a woman enters an elevator, a ghoul is asked to remove his hat. (

35: Cool Air - A Gothic love story about a woman and a man who lives in a refrigerated apartment. (

36: Camera Obscura - A miserly banker finds himself trapped after viewing his client's strange optical device. (

37: Quoth the Raven - Edgar Allen Poe can't even get the first line down on paper. (

38: The Messiah on Mott Street - When his grandfather is ailing, a nine-year-old Jewish buy runs out looking for the Messiah. His grandfather said that he will appear big and black against the sky striking down their enemies. When he gets into trouble and is saved by a black man, he brings him home to his grandfather announcing that he had found him. (

39: The Painted Mirror - Removing the paint from the glass of an antique mirror, an aged shop owner sees an alien landscape that is used in a plot to rid himself of his unwanted partner. (

40: The Different Ones - In the 21st century, suburban widower Paul Koch is desperate to find a solution to his 17-year-old son Victor's facial deformity, but none seem to exist - on this planet. (

41: Tell David...

42: Logoda's Heads - A man scours the African jungle for his missing brother and finds Logoda, a witch doctor whose "trophy room" contains the shrunken heads of defeated enemies. (


43: Green Fingers - In the days before the Supreme Court's Kelo v. City of New London decision extending eminent domain rights to private business development, the owner of a construction company must resort to nefarious means to acquire the home of a little old lady in order to build a factory. (

44: The Funeral - Greedy funeral director Morton Silkline balks at having to arrange a belated funeral for distinguished client Ludwig Asper, but Mr. Asper proves to be very convincing... (

45: The Tune in Dan's Cafe

46: Lindemann's Catch - A fisherman who catches a mermaid longs to keep her, but wishes for her to be a real woman. (

47: A Feast of Blood - Vain young beauty Sheila Gray is repulsed by Henry Mallory, the unattractive man who wants to marry her. But he's given her a gift - an unusual fur brooch that will not fall off Sheila's coat, no matter how much it is shaken. (

48: The Late Mr. Peddington - A woman who is provided very little means from her husband's estate is shopping for the cheapest funeral she can find. (

49: The Miracle at Camafeo - Instead of spending his insurance settlement on a medical solution to his paralyzed legs, he visits a Mexican Shrine and looks for a miracle. (

50: The Ghost of Sorworth Place - Wandering through Scotland, American drifter Ralph Burke is instantly smitten with Ann Loring, a beautiful widow whose home Sorworth Place is haunted by a ghost. (

51: The Waiting Room - The sins of unsavory gunfighter Samuel Dichter follow him into the afterlife. (

52: Last Rites for a Dead Druid - Attorney Bruce Tarraday suffers nightmares after his wife Jennie visits an antique store and makes an impulse purchase of a life-size druid sorcerer statue that she claims resembles him. (