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Skins (BBC): Vol. 2 - d1/3

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 2008

Cast: Joseph Dempsie, Mike Bailey, Kaya Scodelario, Nicholas Hoult, Hannah Murray, Dev Patel

Genre(s): TV, Drama, Comedy, teen movie, coming-of-age, BBC

Countries: United Kingdom

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(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time:

Volume 2 Disc 1 Episodes

01: Tony and Maxxie

02: Sketch - Maxxie has a creepy feeling that someone is watching him. Someone close by. A hot boy maybe? No such luck. Sketch is Maxxie's stalker. A weird loner, who spends most days shut up in a poky flat looking after her disabled Mum. So her attentions turn to the blonde boy who lives on the estate. Soon everything in her life is about Maxxie - if only he would even notice her. Meanwhile, the sixth form college production of 'Osama: The Musical' is teetering towards disaster under the heavy-handed guidance of lecherous drama teacher Bruce. But Sketch is prepared to do anything to get leading man Maxxie, and if she can't have him, she's going to make sure nobody can - and especially not his current leading lady Michelle. (

03: Sid - A visit from Sid's grandfather causes chaos for both him and his dad. His overbearing grandfather is still under the impression that Sid's parents are still together, a pretense Sid's dad is all too eager to maintain. The stresses and strains of the visit soon mount up and eventually something has to give. (

04: Michelle - Yet another man in her mother's life mean upheaval in Michelle's life. With a new house and a new step-sister to cope with and no idea which she dislikes more, Michelle's shredded life lacks any normality for her to cling to. With her birthday coming up rapidly, she seeks solace from the chaos in the company of her friends, with one noticeable exception. But as most her friends become more of an annoyance than a relief, she turns to a reliable source of comfort to steer her through the storm. But what trouble will this new direction bring? (

Member Reviews

Vol. 2, disc 1 by C20004656 - June 17, 2009
What's happening to this show? We've taken a turn for the glum, the (melo)dramas multiply, the light moments are flat, and the "hilarious" ones (dear God, the musical. Just try getting that song out of your head) are dire. Some really lovely moments come courtesy of Peter Capaldi as Sid's dad. Oh, well. . . .