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cover: Invisibles, The (UK): 1st Season - Vol 1

Invisibles, The (UK): 1st Season - Vol 1

Director(s): William Sinclair

Theatrical Release: 2008

Cast: Anthony Head, Warren Clarke, Jenny Agutter, Dean Lennox Kelly, Paul Barber, Mina Anwar

Genre(s): TV, Comedy, Drama, crime, Dean's List

Countries: United Kingdom

Location in store: British Television

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time: 170m.


1.1 Maurice 'Mo' Riley and Syd Woolsey are retired burglars, nicknamed the Invisibles because they were never caught. Along with Mo's wife Barbara, who is well aware of her husband's past, and their daughter Grace, who is not, they return from the Costas for a quiet life in a small Devon seaside village. However Syd's idiot son Joe gets himself into 18,000 worth of debt with loan sharks after accidentally killing a consignment of Koi carp and Syd persuades Mo to join him in one last job to bail the boy out. A dummy run, with the help of former associate and gadgetry whizz 'Young Nick' does not go well and, to complicate matters, Hedley, the local pub landlord and son of the third 'Invisible' wants in on the act. (

1.2 'Knacker' Locke, a retired and not exactly honest police officer, moves into the same flat block as Syd and the Rileys and 'persuades' them to help him out with a little job. Otherwise he will tell Mo's daughter Grace all about her father's past. (

1.3 Mo becomes concerned when Barbara strikes up a very full acquaintance with Peter Rackham, the ultra-charming leading light at the local Golf Club, who is taking a particular interest in a bracelet Mo gave her. Mo decides to investigate to find out if Rackham is all he seems. Meanwhile Syd re-encounters old flame Janet but their relationship seems doomed. (