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cover: Hunger, The: 1st Season - d1-2/4 (2d)

Hunger, The: 1st Season - d1-2/4 (2d)

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 1997

Cast: Terence Stamp, Richard Jutras, Daniel Craig, Lena Headey, Karen Elkin, Kim Feeney

Genre(s): TV, Horror, Drama

Countries: USA, United Kingdom, Canada

Location in store: Television

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time:


01: The Swords - A man gets into a relationship with a woman (a huge star in a nightclub) who can survive being peirced by swords. (

02: Menage a Trois - A wheelchair bound woman uses her nurse in a plan to seduce a young workman. (

03: Necros - A man named Philip Casnoff falls for a beautiful woman. Her old companion, however, may be a vampire. (

04: The Secret Shih Tan - A gourmet chef is paid an enormous amount of money to prepare a meal from a secret book called Shi-Than. (

05: Bridal Suite - A couple on their honeymoon discover a horrible truth about a bed that is said to have been cursed for all adulterous lovers. (

06: Room 17 - A man rents a room in order to watch a special set of erotic movies. (


07: Anais - An architect takes a little time off while working, fantasizing about a woman he names Anais. He decides to give her a boyfriend, until he realizes that the fake girl has fantasies too. (

08: No Radio - A woman has an affair with a strange man, and ends up being kidnapped by the man. However, the tables are turned when the woman makes the man her victim---and puts him in her husband's "collection." (

09: But at My Back I Always Hear - A professor is haunted by a girl student who keeps on stalking him, even after she commits suicide. (

10: Red Light - A supermodel lives in fear over flashes from the lights of cameras, believing that they will steal her soul. Her photographer decides to photograph her while she is sleeping (because she doesn't want to be photographed), but at what cost? (

11: I'm Dangerous Tonight - A dress designed by a fashion desinger, that includes a piece of red fabric, causes the people who wear it to make strange moves, from sudden decidions to murder. (

12: The Sloan Men - A bride's mother-in-law has a shocking revelation about her new husband---he's not human. The two will attempt to destroy the men's power. (