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cover: Hunger, The: 1st Season - d3-4/4 (2d)

Hunger, The: 1st Season - d3-4/4 (2d)

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 1998

Cast: Terence Stamp, Richard Jutras, Daniel Craig, Lena Headey, Karen Elkin, Kim Feeney

Genre(s): TV, Horror, Drama

Countries: USA, United Kingdom, Canada

Location in store: Television

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time:


13: A Matter of Style - A young burglar is turned into a vampire, and then guided by a beautiful experienced woman vampire. However, the man proves to be equally inept. (

14: Hidebound - A female security guard is on her first assignment at a construction site, where she's attacked by a murderous spirit who only she can see. (

15: Fly-By-Night - A mental patient tormented by wartime flashbacks is locked up with a vampire who offers her a way to end her suffering. (

16: The River of Night's Dreaming - When the prison transport van crashes into a river, a female convict escapes and seeks shelter at an eldery woman's place. (

17: The Lighthouse - During a hurricane, a new lighthouse keeper has to come to terms with his sanity or he will die. (

18: The Face of Helene Bournouw - A reporter investigates a woman who literally drives men insane. (


19: Plain Brown Envelope - On a snowy night, a hitchhiker ends up in a large truck that turns out to be the warehouse of a sex fantasy merchandiser. (

20: The Other Woman - A woman having an affair with a married man "relives" her death at the hands of his wife. (

21: Clarimonde - A priest who is about to take a vow, has a night of passion with a beautiful woman, but still he decides to become a priest. Many years before the same thing happened to a another priest. Will the same thing happen again? (

22: Footsteps - A woman vampire seduces and then eats a man every night, until she meets an albeit vegetarian in Paris, who turns out to be a vampire too. (