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Saxondale: 1st Season (2d)

Director(s): Ben Miller, Matt Lipsey, John Henderson

Theatrical Release: 2006

Cast: Steve Coogan, Rasmus Hardiker, James Bachman, Ruth Jones, Morwenna Banks

Genre(s): TV, Comedy, BBC

Countries: United Kingdom

Location in store:

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time:

With his full beard and belly, Steve Coogan (Tropic Thunder) is virtually unrecognizable as pest exterminator Tommy Saxondale. Then again, the former roadie can be a bit of a pest himself. His glory days behind him, the 50-year-old's life revolves around his job, his Mustang, and the anger management sessions that open each show. To kick-start the series, Saxondale hires Raymond (Rasmus Hardiker, an excellent foil), a rock-loving lad who reminds him of a younger version of himself, and persuades his new partner to move in with him and his old lady, Magz (Little Britain's Ruth Jones), who manages t-shirt emporium Smash the System. During his first season, Tommy reconnects with a decrepit crony from the roadie circuit, meets his daughter's slick new boyfriend, and comes perilously close to betraying Magz. As she tells Raymond about her blustery man, "He's actually got a really sensitive side. He was a mess the day Diana died." Clearly, these two Rush fans belong together. (Kathleen C. Fennessy)

Season One Episodes

01 Entering the pest-control business, Tommy tries getting rid of annoying pigeons by shooting them with a pellet gun, which runs him afoul of animal rights activists. (

02 Tommy tries to defend a display at Magz's shop that most find obscene. Also, a celebrity with a mouse problem does not appreciate Tommy the Exterminator trying to bond with him. (

03 When an old friend from his roadie days shows up, Tommy is afraid to admit that he has settled down and the two go back to some of their old haunts for a wild night of ladies and liquor. (

04 Tommy gets a visit from his daughter, but doesn't like her new boyfriend. (

05 After an embarrassing encounter with a squirrel, Tommy decides he needs to visit the gym. But his decades-long lack of fitness lets him down both at work and, to his embarrassment, with Magz at home. Meanwhile, Raymond's love life is sparked by an attractive divorcee. (

06 His van being wheel-clamped leads Tommy to a confrontation with corporate greed in the world of pest control. Tommy takes a stand to expose the corruption, bolstered by his integrity and an encyclopedic knowledge of Rush song lyrics. (

07 Tommy's relationship with Magz is strained, and matters worsen when Tommy is propositioned by an attractive female client. Meanwhile, Tommy and Raymond are hired to de-louse a dead man's house. (