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cover: Law & Order: 1st Season - d3-4/6

Law & Order: 1st Season - d3-4/6

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 1990-1991

Cast: Michael Moriarty, George Dzundza, Chris Noth, Richard Brooks, Dann Florek, Steven Hill

Genre(s): TV, Drama, crime, mystery, Dean's List

Countries: USA

Location in store: Television

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time:


07: By Hooker, by Crook - A murder investigation leads detectives to a madam accused of running a prostitution ring disguised as a catering service. (

08: Poison Ivy - A police officer is accused of planting a gun on an unarmed African-American youth that he shot. The victim was beloved in his community, but the investigation reveals that he may have also been a drug dealer. (

09: Indifference - A child's collapse in school from mortal injuries leads to an investigation that uncovers a family steeped in horrific abuse. (

10: Prisoner of Love - The investigation into the death of a controversial artist reveals that he was involved in twisted sex games with two powerful figures. (


11: Out of the Half-Light - A young black girl claims to have been raped by white police officers. Police and Prosecutors struggle to get the truth after an ambitious black congressman claims the investigation is a racially-motivated cover-up. (

12: Life Choice - After an anti-abortion protester is killed in an abortion center bombing, detectives search for all of her potential co-conspirators. (

13: A Death in the Family - A police officer is shot to death on a rooftop. Assistant D.A. Stone's investigation reveals that the officer may have been dirty. (

14: The Violence of Summer - Stone temporarily dismisses rape charges against three defendants because the victim's testimony has too many holes. Greevey and Logan's subsequent reinvestigation uncovers a possible fourth assailant. (