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cover: Hunger, The: 2nd Season - d1-2/4

Hunger, The: 2nd Season - d1-2/4

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 1999

Cast: David Bowie, Giovanni Ribisi, Eric Roberts

Genre(s): TV, Horror, Drama, erotic

Countries: USA, United Kingdom, Canada

Location in store: Television

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time:

Disc 1 Episodes

01: Sanctuary - A successful but unbalanced artist takes in a young and seriously wounded drifter who is on the run and looking for a place to hide. (

02: Skin Deep - A lonely women seeks for comfort with a sadistic lap dancer. (

03: The Dream Sentinel - A ghost returns to seek comfort in a young stripper, mourning the death of the stripper's ex-lover. (

04: And She Laughed - A woman's nightmares about a peeping tom become real. (

05: Nunc Dimittis - Princess Dracula's dying faithful lover is granted his last wish: to hunt down his own successor. (

06: Week Woman - A newlywed is disturbed by his wife's inexplicable mood swings, so he decides to do something about it. (

Disc 2 Episodes

07: The Night Bloomer - A corporate researcher offers to help an ambitious businessman advance his career, but he's unaware of the price. (

08: The Diarist - A witch with a penchant for vengeance is romantically spurned by a man and decides to get even with him by casting evil spells to ruin his life and possibly bring him under her spell. (

09: Sin Seer - Mano is a young man who has a unique gift - he can look into people's eyes and see their darkest secrets. For years, he has avoided eye contact with people but, for even longer, he has avoided mirrors... but what should happen if he looked into one. (

10: Triangle in Steel - A young man goes to work at a steel mill with Native Americans, and becomes involved with the boss's wife. (

11: Brass - When a young man inherits an ornate mirror following the death of his Satanist father, he finds that it reveals his father's attempted use of black arts. As the dead man's son continues his father's work, he puts the lives of those around him in danger, particularly when he forges a link to Hell through the power of the mirror. (

12: Replacements - A doctor becomes determined to find out what is happening to the women in his town, after they appear to be turning against the men and becoming obsessed with something unknown. They seem to have found animalistic replacements for their husbands. (