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cover: Hunger, The: 2nd Season - d3-4/4

Hunger, The: 2nd Season - d3-4/4

Director(s): various

Theatrical Release: 2000

Cast: David Bowie, Giovanni Ribisi, Eric Roberts

Genre(s): TV, Horror, Drama, erotic

Countries: USA, United Kingdom, Canada

Location in store: Television

(1 / 1)
Ant Rating
Running Time:

Disc 3 Episodes

13: Dangerous - A dress causes strange things to happen to every person that wears it. (

14: Wrath of God - A landlord is visited by a powerful stranger who wants to observe evil in all its forms. (

15: Bottle of Smoke - When an elderly woman, who travelled widely in her youth, dies, she leaves her possessions to her young niece, which includes a bottle of smoke that promises the ultimate in sexual fulfillment. But such pleasure comes at a price. (

16: The Perfect Couple - A modern day cupid arranges for two people to come together and believes them to be the perfect match. Four years later, though, he revisits them to see how they fared and finds their relationship is troubled. Was his mistake just that... or is his poor matchmaking deliberate? (

17: Sacred Fire - Luann is a kind and generous woman who volunteers to help the homeless find food and shelter but when she meets Nick, who lives on the street, he warns her that there are street people who are aliens in disguise, intent on killing humans. (

18: Approaching Desdemona - In a story that will be familiar to many Internet users, a couple's life together deteriorates when he finds an adult website that offers bizarre sexual fantasies. (

Disc 4 Episodes

19: The Seductress - When a novelist reads a suicide note from a former lover, she begins an affair with a mysterious man, but their romance is not all it seems and the boundaries between reality and fiction appear to fall away. (

20: Double - The myth of the Doppelganger has lasted for centuries and receives a modern updating here as two identical women meet but realise the differences between them are in their personalities - one is normal whilst the other is plagued by nightmares. Their meeting, however, results in a battle for their souls. (

21: The Falling Man - A muse inspires a gifted young architect, but she exacts a terrible price from him when he fails. (

22: The Suction Method - A middle-aged married man cheats on his wife with the carpet cleaner lady. But there's a bigger story behind the mysterious lady---she's there to get the unwanted "dirt" out of the house. (